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Conociendo uno de los parques en lo que patinaron el team de Thrasher Magazine en su visita en México, el PEI es uno de los skateparks mas icónicos de la ciudad de Irapuato donde a pesar de su gran dificultad de algunos spots y grandes rampas lo hacen ver tan fácil.

Esperen por el video que estamos preparando, estará lleno de buenos trucos y motivación para skatehive.

Visiting one of the parks where the Thrasher Magazine team skated on their visit to Mexico, the PEI is one of the most iconic skateparks in the city of Irapuato where despite its great difficulty of some spots and large ramps they do it see so easy.

Wait for the video we are filming, it will be full of good tricks and motivation for the skatehive community.





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Is that an open drain in the middle of the half pipe D:

Those grind rails on the drop ins in the first pic look seriously steep XD

Hahahaha yes maybe it was stolen, you need to skate with care on this part of the skatepark

You need to concentrate and be sure of that drop, because the copping is like 4 meters above of the floor

Who steals drain covers D:

I wouldn't even attempt that drop, even tiny drop ins scare me XD

hahaha maybe a homeless who doesnt know nothing about skateboarding

many friends was sure but at time to drop only the most experienced dudes in bowl and ramps made it easily

WoW these guys are fucking good!!
Great start and awesome end..
!discovery 36

Yeah they destroy all the skatepark and do it so clean, fast and with a lot of style!

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