Introducing myself to Skate Hive

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Here's a short compilation of some skate clips that I filmed in quarantine days.

I'm Pablo Anda, I do skateboarding since 9 years ago, I work as web programmer, I enjoy to get high and live on the adventure.

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I started to making skate videos as hobbie and now that it's a local skate brand dreams come to the reality and videos too, so I'll be uploading all my best content like skate sessions, spots in my city, wild places, diy spots and sk8 advendures with homies.


I like to motivate you to start living and waste time in things that really matters to your happiness.

Skate fast, get acid and live forever. 🛹👽🔥🍁



Super Sweet video brother! I love how clean your Smith Grinds are G and the spots in your country are just amazing!

I would love to visit Mexico one day, explore ancient ruints and of course skate these awesome spots.

Welcome to Skatehive G, you are gonna love it here!

I'm so glad that you enjoy my skate tricks dude.
I didn't think my life was interesting enough to share with Skate Hive Community but now I see that I was wrong.

That sounds a good idea, I can take you to the best places in the country such as tropical beaches, magic towns, ruins, diy spots, skateparks and any incredible place in my country.
Greetings @knowhow92

Killer! Reblogged and nice work!

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A big thanks @ganjafarmer
I'm so proud that everyone likes my introducing skate video
I'll continue making a good content and keeping high as a fuck!


Right on. And I've got hivecannabis community here on hive as well. I'd love some help getting that community rolling for sure

welcome to the the Hive :)
I will follow you on youtube and Instagram, and of course here!

Glad we are one more now :)

Greetings @sketch17

I'll be uploading good content, I hope you like it and repost it :)

NIce! Welcome bro!

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Thanks for the support @jonyoudyer

Welcome! We love to get high as well. Wish I can skate like you. It has been years since I have skateboarded. But if you ever want to chill will people who like to get high, come check us out.


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Of course I'll be checking @canna-curate
And don't worry, skateboarding has no ages or genders, we all enjoy it and it makes us feel as free as a bird.
a life that makes me prouds involve skate and weed times
greetings from Mexico

Tell that to my knees!! Jaja

Jsk, but yeah I’m 38 now and I am in decent shape. I recently started to roller blade so I could go out with my two young boys. I will be teaching them to skate board as well.

Greetings from California, your next door neighbor:)