New NFT & I sold a Key in Crypto Brew masters-Light of fortune on splinterlands

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Crypto Brew Masters


New NFTs are finally available so I Bought a box from the store to do a unboxing digitally so to speak. Some one bought my New Years Key from the store ill discuss for how much, & I'm 15th place on the leader boards in master brewer. I have lots to go over including some good luck on splinterlands lets get right into it.
My first completely new improvement pack Bought for 4.99 HBD The cheapest class the nanao class
From my purchase I received the following Artifacts Blue Wheat Malt, Purple 2 Bow Barley, Blue Lager Yeast, Green Lager Yeast, & 6 Row Barley. Now what are they for?
From what I can tell the Artifact system allows you to combine lower quality materials at various quantities to produce a higher quality/ rarity ingredients.
Now My New years Key just sold for 1000 CBM 60 Hive current market rate $9 USD
I will add some other NFTs once this is posted including another neutral key if your still interested expect a higher price but it will be available today. As well as perhaps posting an artifact Ill post both and their prices in comments.


Wow Splinter lands likes me lately 2 days ago my daily challenge was a gold card and yesterday was a pack of cards this is a first I never get anything from the daily challenge 2 luck days back to back. My Power is now over 8,000
Dragon ball Z joke over 900 if you know you know



Not much game side but maybe game plan side just opened their digital doors and their is a chat and forum there for Dcity as well as Leo finance, Hive list, CTP swarm, & NFT showroom
Also including resources to help Hive users is there for hivians to get their hustle on lets get this hive buzzing about it. Also There has been other developments In the hive hustler (HUSTLER) and hive list (LIST) staking rewards now generating a new asset Hive Commerce (COM)
Latest info on this missive makeover For HUSTLER HUSTLERM


First on the market
only on the market get yours today before they all disappear

Cheers, @zelensky You Successfully Shared 0.100 WINE With @chubb149.
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WINE Current Market Price : 1.100 HIVE

Nice 🙏🙏

How to actually use those improvement cards? I also got a nano pack but don’t see an obvious way of how to upgrade neutrals to good.

There is no obvious way because they are not useable until the next update but they can be sold I'm sorry I should of specified but they seem to sell alright because the market is basically empty I have sold two greens and I'm keeping the higher ranks. These deem to be the last step before the buildings unlock as well but that info is months old