Weekly Hive Token Update 11

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My weekly update to the different Hive-Engine tokens and their movement over the last week.


$LEO increased this week against Hive and the $. More speculation is coming of a pending airdrop and this has buyers excited. This price is still a current bargain.
Current Token Price: 3.72030001 HIVE / $0.597
Token Price @ Last Update: 3.35013047 HIVE / $0.460

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The Click, Track, Profit token has been fairly steady over the past weeks until this week when is saw a nice jump in price. This follows a strong roadmap that has been presented and users are building confidence with the token and seeing the promise of the community.

Current Token Price: 0.24 HIVE / $0.03851
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.15929 HIVE / $0.02185

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The index token is another hedge type token from the CTP team which invests in other tokens and provides drips back to INDEX token holders. There have been some opportunities to grab some cheaper tokens but the price is now back above 1 HIVE/INDEX. It continues to find value and grow slowly.

Current Token Price: 1.43 HIVE / $0.228
Token Price @ Last Update: 1.17 HIVE / $0.160

Screen Shot 20210206 at 9.26.06 pm.png


The token for the StemGeeks community has seen a dip in the past week. This token continues to perform well but volume is slipping. Price has increased over the week with low volume. With a low number of tokens overall and 1 Million tokens to be burnt in the near future, this is a token undervalued.

Current Token Price: 0.123 HIVE / $0.01953
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.118 HIVE / $0.01617

Screen Shot 20210206 at 9.42.51 pm.png


The token of the WeedCash community has been up and down. Price has dipped slightly since last week. The community is strong but needs more use cases to increase value. There are some interesting things on the horizon. Check out the WeedCash blog.

Current Token Price: 0.1331 HIVE / $0.02122
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.13317 HIVE / $0.01830

Screen Shot 20210206 at 9.46.51 pm.png


$DEC, after seeing a steady price with minimal change, has started seen some sell pressure over the past week with a recent small uptick in price. It is still sitting at the top of the volume on the exchange but price has moved downward over the past week.

Current Token Price: .00430201 HIVE / $0.00068
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.00503203 HIVE / $0.00069

Screen Shot 20210206 at 10.04.00 pm.png


The Splintertalk token doesn't have a great deal of volume and has seen some fluctuation in price. The price has increased over the past week with some buy orders. Community is seeing some value in this token.

Current Token Price: 0.00147 HIVE / $0.00023
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.00145 HIVE / $0.00020

Screen Shot 20210206 at 10.05.02 pm.png


The Palnet token has seen an upturn in price due to a recent announcement of a change to how tokens will be earnt. Buyers are snatching them up to stake them. Expect the price to stablise and maybe even drop.

Current Token Price: 0.22001 HIVE / $0.03494
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.125 HIVE / $0.01714

Screen Shot 20210206 at 10.05.49 pm.png


A cheaper token for the SportsTalk community, the price has fluctuated and found a stable price range. It has seen a small uptick in price and volume and continues to move upwards slightly. A recent proposal by a member of the community to see more returns on the token has seen an increase in price somewhat and some large buy orders.

Current Token Price: 0.00036 HIVE / $0.00006
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.000267 HIVE / $0.00004

Screen Shot 20210206 at 10.09.31 pm.png

Thanks for reading.

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You mentioned that the WEED token didn’t have a use case - have you seen their store?

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I actually stated that the token needs more use cases. The store is great, but not enough to really get the token taking off like it could. I like that there is a link to EOS but maybe a wWEED on Uniswap would send the token higher.

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No use case and little use case is definitely different.

I'd like to be able to buy actual cannabis with WEED - it would be a great use case.

Thanks for responding :)