Selling my first NFT on AtomicHub and earning WAX

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I have been playing in the Splinterlands space pretty much since it's inception. I like the idea behind getting cards and DEC for playing and being able to sell or trade cards.

Opening up the possibility to sell cards on various markets is important for the game to move forward and open into new communities and users. Early on the team ventured into the TRON (TRX) community and offered different promo opportunities to entice users from that community. There are other various crypto tokens that can be utilised for purchases on Splinterlands as well.

The newest market is through AtomicHub. This allows users to convert cards to NFT's on the WAX network and sell or buy them using WAX. I thought I'd try this and sold my first card, an Ant Miner, for 2.75 WAX (0.24c).

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Currently this card is trading for 0.03c on the Splinterlands market so that is a healthy (albeit small) profit by selling on the WAX network. Perhaps I got in early and got lucky as the card price has dropped back to around the 0.05c mark now.

I still have to send the WAX to an exchange and trade back to HIVE or DEC but a profit is a profit.

Trading in more markets will only benefit the market overall and can only benefit the game further!

If you want to know how to convert cards into NFT's on AtomicHub, refer to this post:

Thanks for reading.

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Yay for the profit XD

Can the nft be turned back into a card? I guess technically they're all kind of nfts though aren't they?

Yes. It can be burnt and sent back to SPlinterlands.

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Neat trick XD

You really must have been lucky to get 24 cents for an ant miner. Getting in early on new stuff is always great to squeeze out a little more profit. Trading back to HIVE also sounds like a great idea!

No, don't exchange, hold your WAX. It is going to be huge one day! Or use it to buy more NFT's in other projects. So many great things happening over on the WAX network. It reminds me a lot of what is happening on Hive.

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