Hive Tokens Worth Posting For?

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With the success and the up-and-up of $LEO lately and it's successful addition to Uniswap as another trading option for this token, other tokens on have seen some type of bump in their value lately. There are numerous SCOT tokens on Hive-Engine and these are the few that I have been most interested in lately:

$SPT and $DEC

This is a token rewarding blogging about Splinterlands on The splinterlands community is quite large and the in-game $DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) token is regularly at the top of the $ value of trading on Hive-engine. Recently $DEC was also added to Uniswap and can be easily swapped straight out of the in-game interface into the ETH-based DEC token and swapped through Uniswap. This has seen $DEC subsequently increase in value and has seen a bump in the value of the $SPT token as well. As my previous post has stated, the $SPT token is being gamed through auto-voting and the curation curve needs some adjusting to make curation of good posts come to the top. I have asked the question and the response was 'the curation curve is close to linear'. That's not linear though is it and curation gains continue to be gained bu auto-voters. I like this token for the fact that it is a reward for posting about splinterlands and rewarding good content that promotes this community and game. There are plans for the $SPT token to have some other uses in the future.

$SPT Supply (Circulating / Total / Max)
57.263 M / 57.266 M / 100 B

$DEC Supply (Circulating / Total / Max)
510.199 M / 696.307 M / 9 T


$PAL is the token that rewards good quality content through the Minnowsupport - Peace, Abundance and Liberty community. This was one of the first SCOT tokens created and can be accessed by posting with the PALNET tag in posts. There is a lot of interesting content on this tag and in this community as this community has been around for a number of years, starting as a way for minnows/newbies to get a start on Steem. This token fluctuates but is one worth accumulating at the moment. I'm not sure if we will see any use for this coin yet.

Supply (Circulating / Total / Max)
7.226 M / 7.227 M / 1 T


This is the token for the CTP community at - A tribe of affiliate marketers, online businesses and entrepreneurs. This token is used to reward content that promotes businesses and other concepts. I've only just started getting into this community so don't know much about this one yet.

Supply (Circulating / Total / Max)
2.109 M / 2.14 M / 3 B


The weedcash community is one focussed on promoting marijuana associated content. There are a myriad of posts found here: and a strong community supporting this token. There are various uses for the token and it can be earnt through some gaming apps associated with HIVE as well. This token is also offered as an EOS token crossing chains.

Supply (Circulating / Total / Max)
42.418 M / 42.418 M / 420 M


We all know about the strength of this community and the reasons why this token has gone from strength to strength. The #LeoFinance community is setting the standard for the SCOT tokens and their advancement in onboarding different ideas and innovations. Hence the reflection in the marketcap and price of the token. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next for this community.

Supply (Circulating / Total / Max)
5.13 M / 5.522 M / 1 B

Thanks for reading!

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Interesting pick of HiveEngine tokens... I have a similar opinion about most of these and just can add that the CTP tokens have use case outside the Hive blockchain, as you can spend them on a lot of other websites connected with affiliate marketing...


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Great to know. I am only just delving into the CTP community and it’s benefits! Thanks for recognising my post as awesome content!

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You have here a good list!
Apart from Weedcash that don't know much, I believe in all those tokens, especially CTP but I'm biased ;)
Keep stacking!

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Keep stacking that LEO! 🦁

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This is a great synopsis. 1 thing I see here is that DEC and LEO are the only 2 tokens that are burning any of their supplies (comparing the circulating vs. total). These are also the only 2 tokens with decent prices over the long run and also the only ones doing any real development. We will have to see where this all ends up but those see like the only 2 to watch atm

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I have more or less same list, I have Neoxian in my list too. Do not have any weed related content but I get little weed from my Dcity.

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I like your selection of tokens. I believe I have a little of all of these.

I am slowly accumulating DEC both in & out of Splinterlands play so there's multiple ways of gaining those (which makes it fun).

LEO amazes me with their platform & how they keep coming out with amazing aspects of the token. I think they are definitely going places.

And so is the CTP token & Ctptalk itself. We have a great community & several use cases. There's even a payment processor made called FirePay which allows us to use CTP tokens as an option to pay for different things on some business sites within our community. This is just the beginning!

Thanks for sharing this post. Have an awesome weekend. 🙌🙂

LeoFinance shows what could be possible with the second layer tokens. We also see other tokens price upward trend on Hive Engine. I love the way CTPTalk Community engages and inspires others. I'd like to add another token that has the potential to grow. That's SPORTS token.

Thank you @scooter77 for sharing this.

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