Hive-Engine Hacked

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So it’s been a big night for Hive-Engine. Hacked by a disgruntled Person who stole 500k Hive and 1.05 BTC. Aggroed’s post regarding the whole event is here:

The hacker accessed the H-E node and changed the balances by the reports. Thankfully the Hive was returned but the BTC has not been. Probably goes to show what is important and what is not to some at the moment!

Thankfully no LEO Leo balances were manipulated. It is scary how easy it is for a centralised node to be accessed and funds manipulated. Hopefully there are secure measures put in place to stop the list occurring again...

I am sure there will be more to come from this throughout the day.

Thanks for reading

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This is why people have been crying for decentralization of Hive engine, single point of failure will always be a drawback! Wow, it would have been a much crazier blow if all balances were messed with damn!

I hope the HE team takes proper steps to secure and retrieve lost funds

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Pretty insane, and scary to read that it’s so easy to do...

Yikes! Yeah, they're going to have to do something about that. Immediately... because now that someone's done it, others may know it's possible and try something worse.

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Why use all those tags that are irrelevant

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They are all Hive-Engine tokens? Is this information not relevant and important to all H-E tokens?

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put some 2fa, even with private keys, with a proxy from inside one can manage

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