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RE: Looking To The Future on Hive Engine

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Aw, thanks for the vote of confidence in the Natural Medicine tribe - means a lot. We've got a lot in common with Weedcash, because it's a natural medicine too, obviously, but they've always been there to support Natural Medicine too! I really appreciate what you say about 'stealing the limelight' - we all love Leo and are SO appreciative of eerything it's done and is doing for the platform, but there's also lots of other cool building going on that will make this a better place too. Supporting tribes with their ventures is definitely worth everyone's while.

And damn, so excited about the support of LOTUSM - hopefully we'll do HIVE proud by putting any profits back into the building of Ntaural Medicine for the greater HIVE community. When we support each other, everyone wins.


Looking forward to watching your growth river. I may not always be able to take part, but I'm watching haha.

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