Buying the Dip and Hive Power Up Day

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It's about that time again! And that is of course the time to power up during Hive Power Up Day. But more on that later. Let's talk about Hive dipping in price and why that possibly is. The Hive token is what's known as an alt coin, the alt being alternative. And what usually happens is that just like a ship rising and falling along with the sea level, all the alt coins rise and fall along with the one and only Bitcoin or #BTC. Another possible reason for a dip would be that somewhere in the past Hive shot up in price due to all the hype and now it's just stabilizing. And yet another reason would be that interest in the platform is going down.

I personally don't think it's the latter, as we see the Hive userbase growing each day. We are just at the forefront of the great adventure that is the Hive blockchain and the price will certainly go up again. This is why I've been buying small amounts on the dips with some trading profit on the side and reinvesting that in various Hive-Engine assets, which is another gold mine that hasn't reached it's full potential yet.

The biggest assets there are my amount of #Weedcash Mega Miners, my ever growing dCity and my small stack of #BRO, which are now all giving me a steady income stream of daily change to do other things with or reinvest and compound. I'm guessing the Hive price will be around 10 cents and stabilize there soon, and I'm hoping to have some funds free to buy more then.

Now to get back to Hive Power Up Day.


As you can see I've already received my shiny badge for this month. Due to all the buying dips and reinvesting I had a case of bad timing and I didn't really keep Power Up Day in mind and didn't have any funds free for this day. Thankfully I realized it was coming up 3 days before, and managed to scrape the 10 Hive needed from earnings.


As some of you may know, I came in first last month in #HivePUD and it's been an awesome month ever since. This is of course due to the delegation prizes that came with the win from @sgt-dan and @traciyork, and not to forget the HBI I got from @improv. I am grateful to all the people who make #HivePUD a happening worth participating in. Not just for the prizes, but also the friends you make along the way.

I'm also going to take a brief moment to give a shout out to @nathanmars for the non-PUD related support he has given me. This guy is driven and invested in every project or challenge he takes on, and I am glad to have him as a supporting pillar.

If you've been inspired to participate in Hive Power Up Day TODAY then checkout the official announcement post by @traciyork.

|| Happy #HivePUD ||

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awesome! joining you in #HivePUD :)

Nice! Hive to infinity and beyond! 😄

Happy #HivePUD! You supported the event, and that's great!

I didn't wait for the bottom for Hive, as I wanted those LEO tokens... :P

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Yeah, so all that cheap Hive is going staight into weed and ctp miners and dCity, and those will eventually fund my Leo stack. The passive income empire is slowly being built.

That's the way how you build it... accumulation and diversification... ;)