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So after seeing too many tutorial's floating in and some suggestion from existing player @bala41288 ,I finally decided to add one more game in my list.

I already involved with splinterlands,Exode and holybread and adding one more game in my list does not look easy.I also want spare some bandwidth for crytobrewmaster too. But as a avid gamer in this blockchain (I was regular of Nextcolony too.) I decided to spare some time for dcity and give it a try as I read in many post it is not very time consuming game.

So I started by buying first edition card worth of 60 Hive.


And purchased second edition card worth 40 Hive.


This is how my city currently look like.


This is all good (green areas) in my city.


This is all alarming (red areas) in my city.


So,What should I do now?
Fixing the problem in the city should be the first priority and I guess there is 2 ways I can do it.
1.) Buy Cards from market that can negate the effect and turn them to the positive effect,thus increasing my income.
2.) Get rid of these card by trading/selling to optimize my profit without actually buying in new cards.

I am not decided yet and hopefully will take the decision soon. Any suggestions?

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Good luck in the game. BTW... I have some especially low priced cards on the market you may not want to pass up! jk

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I saw in the market. Just wondering if you are interested in trading with my "red" cards? . I am interested in "Basic home" or "Apartments"

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Good to see you make the jump @r1s2g3.

I am debating whether to do it myself. I have a lot going on already on Hive so it is tough.

Many are getting excited about the game.

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Once you get confidence that your asset can be liquefied easily(NFT) it really give you confidence in jumping ships, I am really impressed how cryptoknight12 is is recording his assets in dcity game. Maybe I will also record but expecting some strong ROI with much little investment in initial days is somewhat difficult to achieve.

Yeah a game like DCity could provide an enormous virtual asset base with a strong ROI.

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Hey hi. Welcome onboard. It is good to see you get started. 😀

If it shows Red, it means that you need more population. You can purchase cards that would give you more population. I would recommend going for Parks, basic homes and luxury homes that can give you a good population boost.

Only after you fill out all the buildings, you will start getting income from that building. Cheers !BEER

Thanks for your input Bala. I will definitely change the things coming days.

Cheers !


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