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I was was in the middle of getting my pencil and paper out, when it dawned upon me that perhaps in this modern day there was such a thing as a FIB Retracement Calculator. Lone behold, it should seem obvious but here it is in case anyone else has overlooked this.


Using this tool will make buying or selling in these volatile markets a bit easier to decide. This tool is usually a very nice visual on other exchanges, but with the easy to enter High and Low formula it can be reference very quickly.

WeedCash is a Token for Cannabis Enthusiasts!

Weedcash is a Hybrid Proof of Stake coin. Similar to Leo or Archon. If you want more you can read my blog about it here.


Current Price: 0.12 HIVE/WEED

High Range: 0.21 (Hive/WEED)
Low Range: 0.03 (Hive/WEED)

Obviously you will want to ignore the negatives, but on that thought I am curious of extreme volatility in a crypto asset, have you ever seen a negative price in a cryptocurrency traded pair(of any kind)?
Comment below if you have a story.

Thanks to @tonytrillions for making this awesome modification to a popular bitcoin detail! Cannabis is not a crime.

Where do you think WeedCash will retrace to, from the current price 0.127 HIVE/WEED?


It's always a good time to buy some weed, ;)

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