Mark Cuban on blockchain: 'It's like the early days of the internet' when 'a lot of people thought we were crazy'

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I don’t always agree with Mark Cuban, but I think what he is saying here makes sense.

Self-made billionaire Mark Cuban says new innovations and companies will come out of the pandemic, creating an "America 2.0," as he calls it.

Innovation comes out of necessity. Blockchain was just the natural evolution as processes became more centralized and out dated.

What we're seeing right now with this communal effort and the foundation of blockchain-type applications that people stuck at home can use to try to make money ... just changed the game 180 degrees," he said. If you don't understand blockchain, Cuban said, "it's going to smack you down and make you bleed."

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are nit a fad they solve real world problems. I’m sure most of you felt the same way when I got into blockchain back in 2017. I was excited and I could see the potential, but others thought I was kind of crazy or on the fringes of society. All great ideas are scrutinized or thought of as crazy at first. Just look at the internet. At one point people could not fathom the simplest forms now it’s a necessity.

We are still at the beginning stages of the transformation with the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I feel like I was behind the curve getting in 2017, but those getting in today are still early adopters in my opinion.

Mark points out that we are in the early stages as we have tons of projects and not all will make, but some will and that can be very lucrative.

So for other cryptocurrencies, like ether; transactional blockchain; or smart contracts, "there's a long way to go, and there will be a lot of companies that don't work, but you're going to get some winners!"

The real question is what projects are going to be winners? I’m sure we all have our favorites and it exciting to imagine the possibilities. All I know is blockchain will change the world. What we have seen this far is just the tip of the iceberg.

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