The Fairy Tale of Tribe Tokens

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Once upon a time, I got a PAL airdrop, and thus began my accumulation of tribes tokens.

I was proud of myself for figuring out how to deepen my blogging rewards and having thousands of tokens made me feel rich.

I really was proud of myself.

Then one day, I looked at the US values of those tokens.

I had to laugh at myself.

Hive Blockchain Investments.jpg

Those months of work were barely worth a few dollars

It wasn't until I looked at the USD value of my tribes tokens through peakd that I realized my investment was a joke.

Through peakd, you can see the value of your total investment, meaning both staked and unstaked amounts.

How sad to have been blogging for neoxian for months only to realize it was worth only a couple of dollars

Which is why I am now looking at the USD worth of tribes.

Here are my new goals:

$1000 USD worth of LEO
$100 PAL
$100 Neoxian
$100 WEED

Why those tribes and why those amounts?

Leo, because... well, leo

Sports has lots of tokens and coins, but a great niche. Plus there seems to be a few "die hards" who I think will hold the coin up while it gains more adoption.

PAL is the OG - and original is always best

Neoxian has a great community

WEED is set to be the next LEO, they have a working store, a dedicated group of bloggers, and HODLers who like to run up the token price a whole lot by buying in bulk. And whispers of wWEED

Why count in USD value?

Because I can.

When I buy crypto I try to buy in $100 increments, and that seems the best way to pay very little fees.

Let us not get lost in our 800,000 SPORTS tokens

Remember that while the numbers look HUGE, their worth ATM is small. About $15 USD today.

I am aiming to be a full time curator through these projects

While having $100 USD won't make me "full time wages" having a combination of HIVE, Leo, PAL, Neoxian, Sports, and WEED should give me a nice upvote during the next bull run.

My dream SAHM job is to be a blockchain reader who sometimes blogs.

I used to dream of $100 HIVE - I will be a little more patient (ok, maybe a lot more patient) and add the more realistic dreams of $1USD LEO 0.01 SPORTS 0.10 PAL 0.10 Neoxian, and $1 WEED.

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Those are pretty great goals, I want to focus on growing my Hive while being active with WEED. Good luck!

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What kind of content will you be sharing?

I have a list of affiliate marketing WEED projects I would like to review, but a part of me feels like it would be spamming their WEED posts.

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I normally use this account to curate content and comment. Sometimes I'll post articles about Cannabis or run some polls every now and again.

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Sometimes being an early adapter can pay off, mabie if we wait the others can gain value too. (I hope so)

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I did think I was an early adopter, and then I saw my numbers. Being an early adopter is cool when you invested $1000 in a project that works. Having 2.11USD in a tribe that grows x100 is like hitting the jack pot on the slots machine machine when you only gambled a penny.

I have to keep reminding myself that we are still early.

We are still early.

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I know we are early because 1 out of one hundred people I know could even tell you how to get some bitcoin, I was really scaling back my time waisted on Steem and Hive until Leo started becoming my home. This is what I always liked to do, read finance articles, and comment. Now the authors respond so this is even better!

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Social media curator is an actual job description on some mainstream platforms. On a tokenized and decentralized platform, you'd be like a shareholder who also curates.

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Yes, I have had jobs on facebook groups insuring that groups run smoothly and also inviting people with similar interests to join us.

I pretty much hated it.

I love the idea of being a "Shareholding Curator"

Maybe I will make business cards.

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How much does Facebook pay for moderating groups?

I was working with a specific group of moms who sold US Scratch off Maps to Moms.

They paid $15 an hour and expected 4 hours of engagement daily including a post.

I didn't feel it was enough money because I used my face and name and felt I was selling to my facebook network. I have since quit facebook completely.

Paid by the hour and no benefits?

I totally get it. That would risk making yourself a pariah in your walking world network to a degree if the overlap between your target group and the rest of your network was significant.

What I had in mind was jobs like community manager on Quora. That job does not involve selling anything to anybody. Much of what they do is moderating, I guess, and organizing meetups perhaps.

Hourly. No benefits.

I do not know , I am always susceptible of SPORTS.

Instead of it I will go with STEM and CTP.

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I can see STEM jump into my my PEAKD token wallet at above $10 USD level.

I haven't peeped in there in a LONG time.

I considered them but at the end of the day, I would rather read about finance, sports, and weed, than STEM.

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I would rather read about finance, sports, and weed, than STEM.

Follow the good curation tail there then, Linear rewards curve gives you that liberty. Anyways there are so many tribes, personally I cannot read on all, but If I am having extra surplus I will definitely like to take benefit of curation trail and linear rewards curve.

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The key is to buy when others are not. As Leo rises all boats will be lifted.

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I agree. Leo is the Bitcoin of the HIVE blockchain as far as carrying other tokens.

I like the idea of buying when others are not but the truth is that I buy when I have the $$ available.

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$1 hive i will consider a major miracle but stranger things have happened in crypto.
From a blogging and curating point of view your defo on the correct lines of accumulating different tribe tokens to enhance your rewards.
Personally i am not too keen on blogging so im always looking for tokens that can return me good profits passively, obviously more riskier but the rewards can be worth the risk

I used to dream of $100 HIVE - I will be a little more patient (ok, maybe a lot more patient) and add the more realistic dreams of $1USD LEO

Welcome to the club :)

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