LeoFinance is the Bitcoin of Hive Engine

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I have been noticing that as LEO continues to moon, the other Hive Engine tokens are getting a boost too.

It feels the same as when bitcoin goes up in price and alt coins follow.

Here are some of the examples.

Screenshot 20201002 at 10.20.49 AM.png

Screenshot 20201002 at 10.21.18 AM.png

I had been purchasing any WEED that was priced at 0.0420, that price is now gone.

SPORTS seems to have gotten a boost too.

I am wondering if leo earners are cashing LEO out and moving their earnings to other projects.

What about you, are you still stacking LEO or are you starting to cash out?

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Well @metzli, LEO is currently the bellwether of the Hive-Engine/SCOT Tribe universe, that's to be sure!

It has definitely become a model for how you can do things, and some of the other coins are perhaps following on its coattails, but let us NOT overlook the fact that @khaleelkazi and crew have invested a HUGE amount of time, effort and money into the success of @leofinance.

It's a bit like comparing apples and oranges here.

Most of the other tokens/tribes are little more than glorified Hive clones with their own token... LeoFinance has its own DEX, now has it own built-from-scratch condenser/front end and much more.

As for how far it will go? It wouldn't surprise me to see us reach 10 Hive per LEO within a year or so. The reason being that LEO (in the form of wLEO) id now listed on external exchanges (not just Hive-Engine), and the supply of LEO tokens is quite limited. Consider a popular token/community like NEOXAG, with 32M tokens in circulation. By comparison, there are only about 5M LEO tokens in circulation... price action is often related to available supply... "supply squeezes" can often send the price of something rocketing!


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I agree, the team on this project is amazing.

It is great how abundance on one team can build abundance in other teams.

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Leo? My first time of hearing this! How does it work please?

Check it out. It is connected to HIVE.

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Gotta try make posts too and earn Leo ?

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I’m staking every bit of Leo I get I am not letting anyone get cheap LEO from me make the bastards pay ! Also who knows for how long you can earn so many tokens with LEO as more peope come in to chase the reward pool

How much higher do you think it will go?

And, do you think it will STAY at these prices?

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I think it will tap off at around $2 and yes I think it will stay because LEO will be added to more exchanges so that's more pools that need filling, I hear they are thinking of listing on Balancer and then with the increase in ad revenue there's a buyer of last resort constantly buying tokens off the market and burning them so they get harder and harder to get your hands on

The new curation rewards curve adds even more value.

Looks like we made a good decision keeping our LEO staked.

And to think most of my stake came from the days when leo would pay you to comment through their site.

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IF and I say if #leo stands a chance to reach $2
it will be spectacular for the blockchain.
Since the community makes it happen the price will hold
for a while.

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We can think of the community as "core investors," It is great to know that the more people who can use the platform, the more everyone's investment is worth.

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