I Increased My WEED Stake 500% Today

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I've never tried cannabis and the closest I've ever come to a psychedelic experience was probably when I was listening to Art Bell interview Terence McKenna on the radio back in the late '90s. That didn't stop me from increasing my WEED stake to 420 WEED through a 255 WEED stake earlier today and an 80 WEED stake within the last hour.

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Yeah, I know. The final total was on purpose. Maybe I could have waited to buy more WEED on April 20th for the shtick but right now WEED is relatively cheap compared to a month ago. I have the HIVE to buy WEED now so why wait to see if the buy price will stay low for another week? 0.03 HIVE per WEED seems like a deal to me as a long term investment.

It's not a large stake increase in terms of equivalent U.S. dollars but I need to pace myself. I've decided to sell off a portion of my AFIT to buy tokens I don't have much of that I can stake. More token stake increases will happen soon as I strategically sell off more than 100,000 AFIT.

Image Source: hive-engine.com

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You've gotta start somewhere. lol The Weed token is pretty great to use, I've recently started to stake a small bit of whatever I earn every other day.

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Hey @esecholo, here is a little bit of BEER from @holovision for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Art Bell was the best!

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Hi @canna-curate, you were just shared some LUV thanks to @holovision. Having at least 5 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV tokens in your wallet at https://hive-engine.com or learn about LUV at https://peakd.com/@luvshares