I traded my weedcash in for some more Litecoin.

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I was discouraged the other day getting in on Digibyte when it was high over .054 cents only to see it fall back down to .045 cents shortly after. I recently downloaded the Exodus wallet in order to make the transaction only to discover that the Exodus wallet exchange has a minimum transaction order on all exchanges. This sucked because I had 9.35 Litecoins. The minimum order for Litecoin at the time was .45 in Litecoin. This would put me under 9 Litecoins and I didn't want to go below 9. So I held out a few days thinking Litecoin would go up enough to bring this minimum down far enough that I could exchange Litecoin for Digibyte but remain above 9 Litecoins.

I forgot about the little bit of Weedcash I had earned and decided to cash it in for Litecoin. It took me all morning long to figure out how to do but I did it. I traded my Weedcash for Hive, and then Hive for Litecoin. My 947 Weedcash tokens was worth 151 Hive which was worth .17 cents of a Litecoin putting me back over 9 Litecoins. So I'm happy and excited to be over 9 Litecoins again.

So, long story short, I should of just cashed in my weedcash before I made my Digibyte transaction. I plan on exchanging what I make in Digibyte back into Litecoin. So keep tweeting Elon Musk!

Happy toking everyone!

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You already posted this yesterday

I'm copying it over to Leo Finance.

It goes to leofinance with the tag you used yesterday

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I bet weed goes up more than most others, but when is the question.

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