BTC 51k! And my big HIVE Power Up, 10 cent upvotes, 70 rep! Thank you 3Speak, WeedCash, LeoFinance!

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I've decided to fully commit to the Hive blockchain. After almost 4 years in this community, it's time to recognize a few milestones as I make Hive my personal online headquarters. I see good things coming.

I've certainly been critical (you may have seen my comments and/or posts), but from a constructive perspective. I'm critical because I care, and that's how I try to fix things, by first identifying problems. It's not coming from a place of negativity or hatred. And I've hung on, when almost everybody didn't - but it hasn't been easy!

Several months ago, after a brutal fork, I was left feeling dejected. 95% down in my initial investment, working every day for many hours to pull in pennies, not reaching many people with my messages. And because I'm unbanked and unsmart,
I have very limited options. I felt like my crypto future was almost over. I stopped powering up all my earnings for the very first time. I just couldn't. It felt like doing so was giving my wholehearted support to the platform and community, and after being burned doing that so many years in a row, I just couldn't. So the liquid HIVE piled up.

Same thing with my tokens. Normally I sold them and powered up the HIVE. Instead, I've been letting most of them sit.


Now, a few personal milestones (see below), combined with HIVE spiking over 0.3 USD yesterday, have pushed me fully on board with Hive. Not to mention, this platform has grown and matured rapidly, and I see good things coming for us. We have left Steem behind in so many ways. All they've got now is their ninjamined stake and $30 votes to Koreans and Venezeulans posting spam - most of the actual platform is gone. My last month of posts amounts to about a dollar, whereas here on Hive it's in the 3 digits. My friends and supporters are here. It's a no-brainer, really!

And hey, I just hit 70 (reputation) here on Hive!

Plus, I'm just about to hit 1000 followers. Thank you, to all of you!

Also, I decided to power up all that tokenry sitting around. I'm keeping some Weedcash tokens and some Leo, because I support both of those communities, and appreciate their support in return. I liquidated most of the rest.

Combined with the HIVE I had sitting after not powering up for several months, and I scraped together a 2000 HP powerup!

For you that may be nothing, but for me that's a massive chunk. Hell, when I first bought in with 0.2 BTC, I only got 600 tokens! I just powered up three times that much.

Now I'm over 11000, with another 1500 coming soon from the last of my STEEM in hive-engine.

Which gives me the ability to slowly generate account creation tokens, so if anyone needs a Hive account, please get in touch. Thanks to @Edicted for helping me sort that out!

It also means my upvotes are worth at least a dime each, which is nice. I think they were about 25 cents when I first bought in 3 years ago, and slowly crept downward the more I worked and earned, until a low of 3 cents a few months ago. I was almost unable to make comments hit the minimum 2 cent payout!

Now, I'm responsible for more than 1 USD worth of Hive growth every day. And this could be just the beginning.

It's Hive

This place aint perfect, but it's decentralized, and it's open, and censorship is almost nonexistant. I value those things. I think others are going to value those things. Free currency transfers around the world in 2 seconds? Where else can that be done? I'm honestly asking. I think we have a lot of good things going on here.

This latest crypto adoption phase is going to be incredible.

I want to be here on Hive for it!

Thank you to 3Speak, Hive-engine, Weedcash, and LeoFinance for their huge infrastructure contributions. I don't think I would still be here if they weren't.



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Fookin' eh!! :D
This is great news, across the board. Let's all light up!
Thanks for mentioning Weedcash <3

Can't wait for those Weedcash posts to come rolling out.

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Congrats on reaching 70! I just hit 67 yeasterday and am having a blast! Isn't it great when you have those unintended positive consequences that seem to come out of nowhere? I'm so happy that the long grind is finally paying off for you. Now KEEP GOING! :)


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There's a lot more people like us slowly stacking and staking. We're going to be the next generation of shapers on this blockchain and I can't wait to see it happen!

I think many handled the split in different ways. I respect that you decided this on your own terms, instead of doing what everyone else was doing.

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Thanks, you too.
It has been an evolving situation.
Seen it lately? $350 posts on trending, one paragraph of gibberish korean text, no links, no info, no video, no photo, nothing. Over and over and over.
My past MONTH of posts there has pulled in a dollar.
It's not just that. Without a big stake there, trolls can come along and downvote your stuff if they don't like you. You have to be very very careful you don't run across anybody with a bad attitude and a bit of STEEM. Your rep can be reduced to zero (or negative) and all your posts can be hidden, with somebody that has the same amount of STEEM as you +1. So I had to choose where to move my funds so I can protect myself and my content from that kind of attack. I don't have enough to power up both platforms and keep myself safe from censorship via downvote campaigns. My support base is here on Hive, so this is where I have to park my blockchain tokens and make my stand.

Good to have you power up and get more interested in Hive again 👍

Huge congrats on your milestone, its nice to see how grinding here gets to pick up and becomes worth it, a $1 Hive, and you'll be sitting pretty on a nice bag with a huge smile.

Cheers to your growth...

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Great to see the community solidify and now finally begin to grow again. Bitcoin passing 50k is a signal that the bull market has a ways to run IMO.

Great to hear that you are more happy with your investment into hive. I really hope the rally isn't a fluke and will be more sustainable than the last one.

You know I usually don't push my own content in the comment section of other people, but I thought you and some fellow silver stackers might be interested in my daily lottery. You can win some LEO and all you have to do is guess the LEO price correctly. Since you do TA I thought it might be right up your ally.

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Alright I'm curious, what is Weedcash? Congrats on the reputation rating!

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It's a community on Hive that focuses on cannabis content. You can tag your cannabis-related posts #weedcash, or use their front end, which is They have a stakeable token called WEED which can be accessed through your token wallet at I appreciate their efforts to spread awareness to cannabis issues on the blockchain.

Congratulations on all fronts man! We're in a very different place than even a year ago and there are some really exciting projects going on - great work on the power up too, bo$$ move!

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I haven't been congratulated for powering up this warmly since.... hmmm.... early 2018, when the price was a few dollars per token.
LOL Let's hope things are different this time! I was just 3 years early, before! :)

Hahaha! Yeah people love seeing power ups here, think the power up day initiative run by @traciyork has a lot to do with the celebratory feel about powering up! I hope things get a lot better too 😀

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It's good you made this commitment now instead of 6-12 months down the road. The next mega-bubble is likely going to wreck everyone that enters the party late.

Unfortunate, but perhaps unavoidable.

@drutter I am glad to have you fully back.

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After 65 things take forever... So yeah... 70 really means people are curating your posts quite well.

Also, now that Hive-Engine is decentralized, things will become way more interesting.

Stay safe! !BEER

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I'm glad we see you more upbeat and with renewed optimism and vigour. A lot of people got burnt powering up at the high prices of yor but now, with a little effort and using all the great tools and interfaces we have, can earn it all back!
Glad to see your name popping up again and I wish you nothing but success.
Best wishes fella!

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Thanks very much :)
And here I go again! Another 1000 HIVE powered up.

Now I've got 12000 HP. Nothing on Steem now. About $200 worth of tokens on steem-engine to play around with.

Full HIVE ahead!!

Great to hear!

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Hey @drutter, here is a little bit of BEER from @forykw for you. Enjoy it!

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