A real life crypto purchase..

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Hey what's up everybody.. so today I'm making a post about a real life purchase.. everyone is always saying cryptocurrencies have no "real life" uses... yeah right hold my beer...


Now for those of you on leofinance.io just go ahead and upvote this post and be on your way. You already know everything I'm getting ready to say.. for those of you reading this on Facebook or Twitter listen up..

So I blog daily on weedcash.network where I get paid in a cryptocurrency called WEED.. yesterday I sold some so that I could make a real life purchase..


I sold my WEED for HIVE and withdrew it to my HIVE account via leodex.io it was worth about 50 HIVE..


I added that 50 HIVE to my balance and using a website called blocktrades.us I sold 305 HIVE for LTC.. approximately $58 USD


My friend Jeff added $50 worth of LTC and we headed off shopping at Amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com where there's a buy 10 seeds get 10 free.. yessir sign me up for these two..


Coinbase makes crypto payments easy as pie so 5 minutes later I sent them our LTC..


I even got a 10% discount for using LTC..

And that my friends is how you use a cryptocurrency called WEED to buy seeds to grow weed..


Peace out y'all.. Dave


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Amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com new for me But looks nice

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My first time ordering from there.. but Jeff swears by them.. we'll find out soon enough

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I might order there next time Just orderd some cristal candy today https://www.plantarium.nu/?s=cristal+candy&post_type=product

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Real life use case. I love this types of stories. I am using crypto once in a while, only stable coins, with my Binance Visa card.

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Yeah I've seen your Binance card posts. Binance is banned in US I think.. otherwise I'd look into getting one

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Unfortunately yes. There has to be an alternative. I guess crypto.com or monolith are doing a good job as well.

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This is a great thing. Now to get places to accept Weedcash as payment.

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@bifbeans... see... there's your market.. start accepting WEED directly for seeds..

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People who still think this are the ones who think Biden is amour legitimate president 😂😂

I bought a bottle of wine and cheese last night with some crypto 🤷‍♂️

Rolling Rock and Weed, now thats a great use of Crypto ! Enjoy :)

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Very nice Dave! I still got some Weed tokens somewhere. I forgot about those HA HA. I need to cash in my weed tokens now that I think about it.

Well done, my friend!

good purchase, great exchange,have a great day and a smoke break

Right on! I am looking for a good seed bank that I can get some good bulk seeds to be able to sell on the store so you can skip all that exchange garbage next time!