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Due to big news that appears in the last couple of days on cryptocurrency influenced the HIVE Market to show a strong bull trend as well. Therefore, HIVE Token also stronger than previous weeks/months.

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This becomes good news for HIVE Token holders. But due to this bull trend, now the Hive-Engine Tokens are suffering from a blood market as well. All major token markets are showing a bear trend & this impact could lose the trustworthiness of most of Hive-Engine Token projects as well.

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The Opportunity
The current bull trend of HIVE Token & the bear trend of Hive-Engine Tokens also opens the gates of opportunity to the people who wait to join these projects in later stages. But we can't mitigate the risk factor when joining these projects & this also a good opportunity for these projects to show the strategies of handle the Alpha impact on them & how they can strengthen their tokens against the HIVE as well.

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