Hives very own Cannabis growing play2earn style gaming

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I enjoy cannabis, I post about it a couple of times a week, not so much as I used to I should ramp up the cannabis production, since I will be continuing playing the game, I invested when it was on STEEM so I purchased a boat load of stuff, and the last couple of days, I have been all into crypto gaming since its an investment and you get to earn.

We have seen SL explode and most of us where here when it started some of you where even part of the lore and character creation, I was part of the gold team, in that aspect.


This game has some gnarly graphics and so far has three tokens to play with.


This game is much like Dcity in a sense and some what like SL, but they will have their own system in place and the cool thing is in order for you to level up you must smoke joints, in this case, I like Twax joint like an infused blunt.


550 Hive for one of the most sought out land cards


Here is my progress so far.


Check out the Discord

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These guys have rebranded so many times, I have invested several times and lost everything with all the changes they have made. Where can I read more about this newest version?

Yeah I feel you, I got in the Steem age, I keep screenshots of my things , and I did have to go to the head Dan and request the purchased items.

Well here is the discord as far as an article or update I am sure there are some but I just lurk around the server.

Hmmm, well if I can go in and claim my old stuff that would be something to look into! Thanks for the tip and the link!

worth a try

I haven't really bothered playing much since the seeds and water requirements threw me off. At least from my point of view of how MOTA is staked to the pool.

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I get it

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Whoa, that's a lot of water. I invested in the Jamaica presale pack myself.

Water is currently the thing I struggle with, partly because I haven't really levelled up enough to be able to upgrade it, I might even go and buy some more water tower cards.

I agree the graphics are really.... unique.. The game looks completely messed up on my 2k monitor but it works so eh. I might send them a screenshot and ask them to try support large resolution monitors or something.


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So cool to see this game evolve into what it has become:)

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I am checking it out. Is there a guide because I logged and cannot seem to understand what to do yet hehe 😉

I found some info but it got very expensive to jump in it seems ( as any NFT game I guess).

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This looks cool

How much do you need to be able to start?

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I remember this from Steem.

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Yup they reamped it.

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SL= Splinterlands

I removed it, but this post should not be tagged with spt imo.

Thanks for your opinion.
But I do feel you might be right.

well, it would be fun to smoke joints to level up. lol smoky leveling

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This looks cool. Checking it out now!

I think its pretty cool.

You make a very good point,so fantastic, keep it up.

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