Leo and Hive Both Up Strong Today

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Checking my LeoFinance wallet I was very happy to see some growth in my accounts worth. I know there are some Leo Whales out there who are really happy today.


While I didn't see it, it looks like Leo might have had a new high set today. It is encouraging seeing both Hive and LEO up strongly while the rest of the market is having a lull in activity.


(source: screen clip from Hive Engine)

I would really like to see LEO break back into the 30s and start heading towards 40 cents. The addition of the Twitter like micro blog is great and could really help drive interaction and earnings to a whole new level.

Hive I would like to see get back to the 18 - 20 range. It is a great project as we all know with so many killer dApps being deployed on it every month. Just a matter of time before people recognize the value in Hive the platform and Hive the coin.

Hope everyone has a great week and we are all celebrating LeoFinance breaking into new highs all week long!

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Leo is performing tremendously! Be sure to support WEED as well!

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I'm growing WEED in dCity. :)

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It can wait for a little bit as far as I am concerned. I am still buying LEO so I want it to stay low for now!

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I learned about that today as well from someone else. The truth is I don't monitor the market or prices but it seems today was a really good one from the feedback I received

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That is probably the best thing to do, not pay attention and just keep building and earning. Then one day you will look and go "Oh wow... I built that?" Good luck!

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Yes you are right and that's exactly what I am doing. Thank you!

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