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A little to late for that. Have fun over there.


Maybe. Time will tell.... lots of other great places to post.
Where is everyone else posting these days ? Hive ? Steemit ? Weedcash ? Blurt ? DTube ??? I don’t see much canna stuff anymore . Maybe I am muted everywhere lol ....

True. All I know is they let someone run rampant there threatening people and their solution was for people to mute him. I’ll be pushing Weedcash more, but also will catch us curating on Steem, and posting to Blurt from time to time.

Exciting news on Steem with TRX being added to everyone’s Wallet.



You missed this ????

I guess you haven’t been reading any of my posts ... oh well ... nobody does.

Sorry dude, its noting personal. I only look at the tags #canna-curate, and #cannabis. Haven't seen a post from you in a long time. Use canna-curate tag no matter what you post, then I will see your posts :)

Still going strong, but the bubble will pop soon enough with STEEM rising in value and SBD slowly dissolving. I'm pretty excited with the Tron integration but for some reason I'm having trouble creating my wallet from the Steemit front-end. I have a Tron wallet separate from that but there doesn't seem to be an option to connect that wallet instead.

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Everyone came back to Hive ? I can’t keep up ... ha ha ... lol

Lol. Well to be exact more Weedcash then hive;)

Yeah fuck hive, Weedcash is the place 🤣🤣 Just need an app....

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