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It's no secret that the Man Cave Project has put a lot of fresh eyes onto understanding the value of hive engine tokens and the tribes and teams behind them. To even create a basic tribe now it's going to cost you upwards of $600, and to which I think it's a good thing because that's quite an investment for the average Joe to be taking on in this day and age. People that start tribes are now going to be committed, rather than relaxed about it.

What a lot of people don't understand is that places like hive-engine, and perhaps smt's if they ever come to fruition, will be small mans money. It's the opportunity for the average joe to get involved without forking out their entire life savings. What hive has done (and similarly hive-engine) is that it has given everyone the chance to get deeply involved without having to put a down payment on their house, or fork out their entire life savings. You can just start an account and away you go. No payment needed.

This is why I love the platform. It's sort of like the people's market place. A chance to get involved.

With that being said there is a lot of good things coming to this place over the next few months that will more than likely propel us into a different domain from the one we are in now. I mean if we are honest we kind of seem like we are stuck in the middle of the backwaters of the internet and the few that do know about us don't really care. I think that's going to change over the next few months and here's why:

Leo hinted on their twitter last night that they will be getting listed on Pancake swap. Whilst only a hint, this is basically a drop in the ocean of the many things that Leo have rolling out over the next year. We have a full list of amazing stuff rolling in from Leofinance -- Project Blank, LeoFi, Governance tokens, nodes, sidechains. This is the tribe that keeps on giving, and I think perhaps in the future it will be the one that transports most of us into financial freedom.

With all that being said, there's a lot of other work being done on hive-engine that some of the bigger tribes are stealing the limelight from, which I'd like to shine a light on, if only for a moment. Because, well, this stuff interests me you know? Without Bitcoin, hive wouldn't have been a thing, and, without LeoFinance all the other littler projects wouldn't be building as hard as they are to keep up with it all. It's all very exciting what's being built and why.

Let's first talk about Weed.cash.

Quite a small tribe that people rarely talk about. In fact, even since I've been giving out dividends in weed, virtually no-one has asked about it. But let me tell you, there is a lot of work being built behind the scenes. I was lucky enough to gatecrash a team meeting with those guys last week and I was surprised at how much work they are doing. I mean I knew they were working, but not THIS hard.

Wrapped weed. I guess this was first on their list. Whilst I think diesel pools were a godsend for this crew, I expect they are still working hard at getting themselves a dev that can safely wrap weed and list it on Uniswap.

Market Place. As far as I am aware, they are in the midst of trying to create a fully functional marketplace for weed lovers, whilst at the same time trying to navigate around the laws and legalities of the countries that will have access to the store. Quite an exciting venture this one.

More coming out. I quizzed them further about the developments on their network down the line but whatever angle I tried they were holding it tightly to their chests. One thing they did allude to though, is that they are building lots more in the future.

Hive Hustlers

People laugh when I talk about Hive Hustlers because this was the project that launched with the economic sense of my ten year old kid. My kid thinks money comes from the magical money tree, as I think the hive hustlers dude did -- his project took the fast lane to the rock bottom of parts of hive. However, recently @thelogicaldude took over this project and injected $1000 of his own money into it trying to breath some life into the old dog.

A lot of people are looking for the next unnoticed top 10 crypto to invest in, and perhaps this isn't it, but if you're looking to get behind a good solid project with a reliable leader that you can take part in then I think Hive Hustlers will do pretty well in the upcoming months. Far better than it has done in the past. Here are a few of the things he's working on:

Undoing the fuckery. A lot of how hive hustlers was built in the past made about as much economic sense as a hydrogen bomb to a farming county, so @thelogicaldude has been undoing all of that and rebuilding it from the ground up. A very 'logical' move, hah, see what I did there? Anyway, yes, he has a roadmap and everything.

Updates just keep coming

True to his word, he has built hivehustlers.com from the ground up and he just keeps on building. This is definitely one tribe to be keeping an eye on for slow but sustainable growth.

He has a roadmap, and is sticking to it every step of the way. Just check his live feed. So many updates and building opportunities.

The Lotus Tribe

By far the most protected tribe in our cave is the Lotus tribe, because those that speak bad about this place are usually sent hurtling to their doom. The lotus community is all about natural medicine, love, empowerment, peace and prosperity. This is a good, solid, well meaning tribe aimed at the betterment of humanity.

I was just messaged last night by their leader @riverflows to tell me that their miners are out on the market under LotusM, you can purchase them here if you are interested https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=LOTUSM

I think in the distant future, if hive manages a top 10 spot in the cryptos, which I agree with @theycallmedan that it will, then we will be looking at what the mainstream population are interested in -- I think this one will potentially be a hot cookie. Right now tech projects are all popular because we're mostly a bunch of nerds on here right now (myself included), but if we onboard mainstream amounts of people then we'll have a different vector to consider -- those that just want to blog about things they love, and the lotus tribe have carved themselves out a niche in a multi-billion dollar industry.

Something to at least consider. This one is a long long term hold for me!

And last of the list, for me at least, is the @neoxian city tribe

Famed for his banking prowess, and fucking god-like-sized chunks of crypto in his holdings, fellow tribe member (and Dragonmaster) @neoxian has been making moves towards change in his community recently. We've seen him create a diesel pool full of neoxag to swap. He has hinted at there being a rewards structure for those that have provided liquidity, and since I know that this man has more crypto then perhaps a medium sized exchange has I'm inclined to believe him at his word. That and he's proven very trustworthy to me in the past.

Again, with the Lotus tribe I can see this one being really popular with the role players in future. This tribe screams all sorts of weird and wonderful wacky roleplaying shenanigans to me. That's of course only what it is to me, for other people it's more of a lifeline, and I expect that will become very popular in the future.

Please be aware that I can equally be as "in the know" as a hat maker that's suffering from mercury poisoning

I bought into the tribes early in the beginning because I believe hive will be in a top 10 position in the future. My thinking on this is that when hive attracts a lot more attention to it, hive engine will see a major increase as well as a sort of drip-feed from the larger economy. Then, as people began to figure out what the tribes and the smaller economies around hive-engine were all about there would be excitement around all of this too. Thus rising my stake.

As an example, when there was excitement around pal it lifted my barely $400 investment to $6000.

But then again I could just be the village idiot, so use caution and research when making financial decisions that could impact your life.

And above all, be well my friend.

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You have a way with words.
"fucking god-like-sized chunks of crypto in his holdings"

My last job was a writer. Could be that ;)

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Ray loves the big sized chunks

You love my big chunks, admit it.

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To even create a basic tribe now it's going to cost you upwards of $600, and to which I think it's a good thing because that's quite an investment for the average Joe to be taking on in this day and age. People that start tribes are now going to be committed, rather than relaxed about it.

In my personal opinion, the price of BEE tokens will go up and tribe creation will cost even more, but, as you said, people that start tribes by investing more money for the start will be much more committed to it... And push hard to succeed...

Unfortunately, some of the tribes that have started before had no clue what to do, and make even damage by creating a bad image of tribes... The perfect example is what you gave in the post, the HH tribe... Luckily, @thelogicaldude jumped in and took it over... And we all know how hard is to "repair" something when damage is done... But, it looks that he has found the way and so far, so good... I think that it's moving in a good direction...

Thanks for sharing your views on other tribes that you have reviewed... Great info!


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Thank you for the feedback! It’s definitely not a cheap or easy task at all, lol. But I feel in the long run, it will be worth it! We care building the future and there may be some slip ups along the way, but it’s all about how we move forward! Again, thanks for the support!

You have impressed me, that's for sure. That's a job I wouldn't have taken that's for sure - so even more respect.

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You are most welcome... I did some similar work with re-building stuff and repairing damage, so I know how hard is to do that... Sometimes, doing from scratch is a more painful road to take, but you have done a great job until now...


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Thanks man. They all had a hearty laugh at me in the cave when I told them that I was watching what Hive Hustlers were doing, but from what I've seen, thelogicaldude has been working hard, posting daily updates, it's been impressive from what I've seen so far.

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Not all! I didn't know the back story and don't really care for it now. Seen @thelogicaldude videos on it and looks to be structured with a few things in the pipeline this year, building the foundations and cross collaboration by the looks of it!

I know! Looks good, doesn't it? :)

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Yeah definitely! Future's bright!

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it's been impressive from what I've seen so far.

It's indeed impressive... I was an early investor in HH, but I did regret it after a very short time... A lot of promises and almost zero delivery... It's great to sell dreams and whitepapers at the beginning, but you should work on making them a reality... and we didn't see that at all...

When thelogicaldude took it over, it had more developments in 2 weeks than in the previous 6 months... :)


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I did some work for him right at the beginning of HH just before I had the idea for the man cave. I saw he was going right to the bottom after the first post I wrote for him and didn't look back. That being said, after logical picked up the pieces I picked up a very nice 12,000 miners off the market for super cheap!

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Totally agree with your "profile description"... It was like a student hobby side-job, run by a gambler... lol... :)
Anyways, let us leave the past and look into the future... ;)

You got a nice bargain with 12K miners.. ;)


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What @thelogicaldude is doing with HH is awesome. Frankly speaking I was not in the idea of reviving HH using LIST but look like he has some plan and capability to do it, then let him move forward.

All the best to dude.

I guess I will take a look at lotus too.

I joined very recently and I don’t know you well but for the little I talk with you and read what you wrote here and on discord, you are very far from being the village idiot. Quite the opposite :)
Thanks for the insights !
Man you didn’t even include BRO in your list. For those reading my very long ass licking post, go buy BRO, it’s a no-brainer :D

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Haha, thanks man, I appreciate your support!

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My major hive-engine token holding will be Leo. It is almost half of my hive holding. This would have been inconceivable some years back but this space has grown significantly. I am looking forward to seeing this hive-engine grow more it has so much potential for more.

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Lots seems to be going on in hive around hive engine. I'll check it out.

Oh there sure is!

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Great post sir, Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and some great advice indeed♥️😁🙏

Thank you sir! :)

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My pleasure sir 😀🙏⁦❤️⁩

I'd add STEMGeeks too to the list...if Marky really wants to push for it, this could be something fantastic. I'd also mention STEMSocial, but they seem to be a little less active these days. I for one want to be writing more on STEMGeeks as time slots open up for me.

I agree with you there. I just don't talk about STEMGeeks because Marky has a bigger platform than me haha

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I totally get your point Ray, but I don't look at it that way. I see it as all of us sharing the same platform....every platform that does well, we all grow. This is especially true with Brofund!

I'll give you that I guess :)

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Been acquiring those lotus miners and will continue to add some to my basket until they sell out. I've definitely followed some of your picks since joining the cave and you have some useful insights - got the hustlerm too. Worthwhile long term punts

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Yep, I think most tribes will do fairly well in the long term. Right now is the best time to just buy anything. Because if we hit the nuclear button on mainstream I think there will be a lot of excitement.

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Definitely. I think we've gone through the "making a token for the sake of making a token" phase that happened at the beginning. The ones who are still building and developing their community are beginning to rise up. You may want to look into the MusicForLife community too, just saw they are launching their token and have some miners available (VIBES and VIBESM)

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Oh, heh, it's because of us & SPI that those guys actually have a tribe. Silverstacker and I went halves in funding them.

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Haha! Of course you guys had a part to play, what was I thinking! :D

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Aw, awesome. We'll be putting more up for sale Nic, obviously these prices are a good time to buy in at and appreciate your support.

No worries @riverflows! I'll be loading up a bit more today I think! Also, I have some delegations coming back soon - is there an account to delegate to that you get LOTUS for as well?

Aw, thanks for the vote of confidence in the Natural Medicine tribe - means a lot. We've got a lot in common with Weedcash, because it's a natural medicine too, obviously, but they've always been there to support Natural Medicine too! I really appreciate what you say about 'stealing the limelight' - we all love Leo and are SO appreciative of eerything it's done and is doing for the platform, but there's also lots of other cool building going on that will make this a better place too. Supporting tribes with their ventures is definitely worth everyone's while.

And damn, so excited about the support of LOTUSM - hopefully we'll do HIVE proud by putting any profits back into the building of Ntaural Medicine for the greater HIVE community. When we support each other, everyone wins.

Looking forward to watching your growth river. I may not always be able to take part, but I'm watching haha.

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Thanks for believing in us. I think most people think people who consume and love cannabis are lazy. But that really is far from the truth, especially when cannabis is the motivation. Speaking for a Richard and as well as the Reston the team, this is a project of passion!

Posted via weedcash.network

Yeah, I smoke from the time I wake up till the time I finally pass the hell out, lol. And I am super productive. I have to smoke to keep my focus and anxiety down.

Smoking actually makes me super productive. I clean like crazy lol. But yeah I work 6 days a week and have a 5yo and 3yo boy, I forgot what lazy means , besides a good movie and some good smoke and booze;)

I think most people think people who consume and love cannabis are lazy.

You made me spit my coffee.

Lol, so many of you guys are why Nat Med is what it is now, espec Rich who's an invaluable part of our LOTUS team.


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I've been watching you guys for a while. I'm super sure you will be one of the next tribes to get out there.

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Upvoted, Shared via reblog and tweeted link!

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Thank you my man :)

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Thanks for believing in the vision for both HiveHustlers and Weedcash! We are working hard to make both awesome communities! And glad you mentioned Naturalmedicine... They are about to get the Hive bridge site treatment as well! Proud to be involved in all of these projects! Thanks for the mention

I'm looking forward to watching what that trio performs over the next year. I think technically you guys will be quite the underdogs.

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IT does feel like the trio of awesomeness, thanks to @richardcrill and @thelogicaldude !

Tokenised communities on $HIVE will be HUGE

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Oh absolutely, why do you think I buy up tribe coins like they're going out of fashion? :)

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 45 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you so much @brofund for this detailed article, Apart from LeoFinance, looks like HiveHustlers and Neoxian City tribes/communities would work for us. We are yet to understand the Tokenomics of all these three communities before we decide make an investment decision in their respective tokens. But it's a good place to start. So far I am liking the LeoFinance experience except for the fact that I have no clue on how to get more eyeballs on my content. But I reckon it will happen over time.

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What a great overview of some of the tribes. I used to have some Hustler Dollar Miner's, but I don't think they were working so I dumped them. I kind of wish I had held onto them now! There is definitely some exciting stuff happening here!

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I have been watching Weed cash for the last 30 days, I just staked 92+ This morning! Hive is giving me the chance to invest and grow a crypto portfolio very cheaply! Thanks for this awesome post!!

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I think most people think people who consume and love cannabis are lazy.