5 Days In dCity And What I Learned

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Like with any game or any investment you do your initial research, get excited invest and then sit back and watch what happens. It's within these first few days you learn the most as it's new and existing and you start to get back datapoints that help you make better decisions moving forward.

It's kind of like that old saying goes. You can tell someone to do something 100 times but until they actually do it they wont see the results for themselves in which motivates them.

Here is my city after just 5 days

  • Yes I got robbed for -400 sim lesson learned that having crime in the city for the small payouts of game tokens etc might not really be worth it
  • I had a major population issue at first which has now been corrected

I bought nearly all of my cards and sold off a few that I had no use for yet and most likely wont for a while. This helped fuel growth of buying even more cards.

I'm at 429sim income per day but have a decently high risk I feel of most of that getting robbed each day.

The decisions I need to make now are. Do I want to continue down the path of production of tokens and minimize the risk of crime by buying up more police stations?

Or do I want to simply remove those buildings of risk and simply work on pop and jobs only and produce only sim?

hhmmmmmm Decisions Decisions!

One thing I started to like doing was events. I'm still weighing in the pros and cons of this but I'm leaning towards this isn't worth it until my city is larger and producing more.

Such as I don't feel Weed fest or Art Convention are worth there costs unless of course weed I'm producing it within the city in which case a double production value could be very well worth the investment.

While Beer, Science, Poker and Splinter seem to be good options at any time.

All in all I'm loving this little game and while some have a 7 month advantage on me I see product of SIM within the city after a month to be around 2,000+ on the current course I'm on.

Have you starting playing this little game yet? If so what are you finding works best for your city and what are the goals you have?

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Yes, I think casinos are not worth it unless you have so many you can take getting hit from time to time. One option is to buy some of the other pieces that also get robbed so that when you get robbed there is a smaller chance it is a casino that gets robbed. For me, I just avoid all the things that can be robbed so I don't ever get robbed and I can ignore crime rate. Forests and job centers have good ROI and never get robbed.

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I've been looking over a few others cities lately and that seems to be the direction they go as well. It might not be as fast but not really sure dealing with crime is worth it.

Is there a list of what buildings can be robbed and what ones produce crime rate that you know of?

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Shopping Mall (-75 Sim) , Banks (-150 Sim) and Casino(-400Sim) can get robbed.

Thank you thank you!

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Best suggestion would be get 3-4 income cards for casino, they will get you almost same i come or may be a better and won't get robbed. They onky thing would be you won't be getting extra tokenz. Btw those tokens payouts are very small so i believe best is to optimize for SIM.

good suggestion thank you. Yeah taking that 400 sim hit today for sure hurts!

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It's so damn addicting.

I'm just taking all the SIM I'm earning and throwing it back into the game....Rinse and repeat....I haven't messed with too much of the inner workings of the game...Just tried to balance, population, income and keeping crime low.

lol I feel you on that. I love these types of games as you just want to grow and grow and become a powerhouse!

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I like to make sure everyone has a job.

I also tend to get rid of homeless and immigrants (I tell myself that I found them a perfect living situation, and naturalized them as citizens of my city)

I also buy Luxury Homes every time I need a bigger population.

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I can't help but be curious how much Hive you've invested in your city. Seems like a couple of 100, as I only have a 67 daily SIM payout atm, with an investment of a little over 100 Hive.

I started playing this game about a week ago and mainly make use of strategies found in other people's posts but, in all honesty, I feel I don't really know what I'm doing. What is the best way for you to learn more about the game ( aside from playing it )?



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You must have bought random cards.
At start it is better to buy directly from matket.

Just chexk out @luca-legend. He has made 2-3 sample cities which can give 270-300% ROI on just 100 Hive investment.

Feel free to discuss anything or ask questions. You may want to join dcity discord.

I actually bought cards ( on the market ) based on a post by @luca-legend
and read a bunch of posts but that does not mean I understand the game haha.

I'll consider joining the Discord. I'm already all over the place and focus is not my middle name.

Cheers for your advice!

P.S. If I'm correct the ROI is based on a year. So that would mean that it happened if you wouldn't change anything throughout the year ( correct me if I'm wrong ). I like to make changes to my city daily though but find it hard to keep track of my spendings. I also feel that - for now - I'm spending way more than I earn. I guess that's how ( blockchain ) games start and often work. It's fun enough though for now, although some more visuals and details would be fun imo.

Yup ROI is yearly.

It was same with me i started and putting money in my city daily, adding different cards till i reach a point i was out of much liquid assets so i balanced my city and made some targets. Just achieved one of them yesterday 1000 Education milestone.

The main thing is dcity is giving far better returns than others, but don't fall that deep so you are unable to recover it.


Good to know. I am the kind of person whose fingers are itching to get into things quickly ( especially on the blockchain ), once my interest is piqued. But I also know from experience ( and from living in Portugal since early 2018 ) that patience is a virtue and that good things take time.

Thank you for your wise words and for sharing your experience with me.

Have a nice weekend!

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Thank you too.
Best Regards

If you want to just have fun with the game, it makes an income anyway.

If you want to stop throwing HIVE at it - just leave it alone, forget it for 3-4 weeks. When you come back, you will have a healthy savings of SIM, and you can let yourself go shopping.

I like to reinvest most of my sim back to the city to keep it growing, but I do let myself take out a trickly income. Its like a tiny little sustainable business.

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I did buy cards at first but recently realized the marketplace is the play. However the good higher cards do come at a cost that I don't think is beneficial and you would be better of trying to win it randomly buying cards. So there is a trade off. I think smart move at the start is market and then buying some cards for your chance at some of the rare cards.

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Thanks for the advice. Interesting thoughts.

I actually started with buying a bunch of cards ( about 100 Hive worth ) at the market, based on a post by Luca-legend. I then started buying more on the market in the following days, as well as trying to sell some cards.

I'm all for extra sources of passive income ( and it's fun to get multiple from Hive ) but I guess I'm also a little impatient. So far this is the only blockchain game that I've played longer than a couple of days. Let's see how long it stays fun.

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I like to buy the cards and close my eyes and cross my fingers to get something good.

Soooo much fun. Especially when you get something cool.

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Move this cards to another account so that you still get the tokens and some income. :)

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looks like you kicked in gear pretty good for 5 days

i've been throwing a little bit at it (that's all i really have LOL)

it does seem to be getting more interesting as i get further - once i get the sim income up a little more i can buy more stuff

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I enjoy dcity also. I really love the way different tokens are involved.


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It made me take up gambling one weekend.

100 HIVE loss later, I bought myself a casino instead. That sucker has some debt to pay off. lol.

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I like this game too and often laugh when I get robbed... No way am I getting rid of my casino!

I started a long time ago and just for fun, so I am sure my investment has more than paid off. In fact, I now see it as trickle income and am in no hurry to grow it.

Slow and sustainable has been winning the race. Through robberies, economic crisis, and all.

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With crime you basically can decide between:

Don't care - get more casinos so that 1 day of casino SIM production would balance out a casino robbery every other day - be aware that in this scenario all your citizens (gamers, scientists, artists, gamblers...) could get converted to criminals over time

Balance it out - keep crime rate low enough so that your casinos actually produce a positive SIM flow if you calculate "SIM produced between robberies - robbery" - but you still are in danger of having one of your special citizens being converted into a criminal

Zero crime police state - get enough police cards, gyms & cinemas to have 0% crime rate and never get robbed again and never worry about a rare good citizen being converted into a criminal - also achievable by not buying banks, shopping malls or casinos

I personally went with the last one but it took quite a lot of SIM to get there. The good thing is that security cards also produce SIM so instead of more raw SIM from the card you just get more SIM by not getting robbed and never losing a rare card (scientists, artists, pro gamer) because it got converted into a criminal.

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