Engagement Project Dividends Report - POB : 221% , LEO : 20.19 % , CTP : 30.74 % , SPORTS : 39.75%

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Good evening to everyone . It is Sunday and I am here to report the delegators dividends for the Engagement project .

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Coming to the report


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends in CTP


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends in STEM


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends

APR calculation

POB - 221.2 %
WEED - 8.12 %
LEO - 20.19 %
CTP - 30.74 %
STEM - 6.33 %
SPORTS - 39.75 %

How to participate ?

You don't have to register or anything . All you have to do is comment from these frontends

https://ctptalk.com - to get CTP upvotes
https://sportstalksocial.com - to get SPORTS upvotes
https://leofinance.io - to get LEO upvotes
https://stemgeeks.net - to get STEM upvotes
https://weedcash.network - to get WEED upvotes
https://proofofbrain.io - to get POB upvotes

Remember that you have to comment from these frontends itself , why? to increase the traffic for the site and improve the rankings of the site . ( Believe me , it works , look at SportsTalkSocial alexa rankings ) .

But will everyone get upvoted ?

No , only the top 25 engagers will get upvotes( In case of POB it is top 50 engagers) , they will be ranked everyday based on quality of comments , number of authors they have spoken to etc .

But as I mentioned before the competition is less on sportstalksocial , stemgeeks and ctptalk to some extent so don't miss this opportunity to earn these tokens .

The ranks are uploaded along with the data on https://hivelayers-stats.herokuapp.com everyday . Just go to community page ( choose this in left top ) .

How can you support?

Delegate , spread the word , engage on different frontends , reblog this .

Delegation accounts -
LEO - @amr008.leo
CTP - @amr008.ctp
STEM - @amr008.stem
SPORTS - @amr008.sports
WEED - @amr008.weed
POB - @amr008.pob

I will try my best to provide best APR possible :) Thanks for all the support . See you tomorrow with an analysis post .

Also you will see a new official post regarding updates to Engagement Project tomorrow .


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Another wonderful job, as always. Thank you my friend!

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Thanks for the great returns as always. I read somewhere you were probably considering adding DUNK to this project and that would be great news.

this is an interesting report. i love it.

@amr008.pob Thanks for the insert analysis, you are doing a great job. Please how do I delegate POB to your account. There is no delegation button on proofofbrain?

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Hello @polaleye50 .

You can go to hive-engine.com and delegate easily any tokens from there :)

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Seriously awesome mate! Can't thank youenough for all the hard work and alternative investments is just what we needed instead of the boring old same same curation delegation schemes!
Have a great week mate :-)

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I'm a bit confused by how this works. If I delegate my POB to @amr008.pob will I get a 221% return or is that only the comments I make from that frontend.

Also, to delegate do I need to unstake first?

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The apr is based on weekly dividends.

Also, to delegate do I need to unstake first?

You are going to need to delegate your stake to him through any of the community
Delegation accounts -
LEO - @amr008.leo
CTP - @amr008.ctp
STEM - @amr008.stem
SPORTS - @amr008.sports
WEED - @amr008.weed
POB - @amr008.pob

Am sure he'll provide more info when he's free


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Thanks for the additional information. I appreciate it.


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You're very much welcome

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@gillianpearce! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @marvinix.

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@marvinix! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @gillianpearce.

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@gillianpearce! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @marvinix.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (2/10)

This report is only regarding dividends for delegation . It has no stats regarding how many upvotes and how much users are earning from those upvotes @gillianpearce so yeah if you delegate POB to @amr008.pob , then you get 221% return on Sunday .

But please note that it isn't constant .

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you delegate POB to @amr008.pob

If I want to add more to the delegation next week do I just delegate more and that gets added to the total?


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Yes gillian , that's correct :)

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Is their any new token to delegate

Thank you for dividens!

Thanks for the hard work and the dividends. I have a hard time making up my mind but I will most likely be delegating some POB soon enough.

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@amr008 The Kingdom thanks thee for thy report! Have a blessed Sunday!


The brilliant idea i have seen in @amr008 is the way you have always been giving feedback and report to those have entrusted their resources into your hand.

You keep it timely and simple to comprehend. I love this idea though.

Hopefully will add more pob this week because of your fantastic mode of reporting

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Yet another great week with awesome returns. Thanks for the dividends, sharing the weekly report and all you do to encourage engagement. Will be adding more POB. Can't get enough of those sweet divs

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