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RE: 🍄🍄Hallucinogenic forest mushrooms, macro photos.🍄🍄//🍄🍄Hongos alucinógenos del bosque, fotos macro.🍄🍄

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Great discover @mimi05! I love to take a walk on the woods and just discover some new world. So, im curious about your supposition about this mushrooms. Do you think they are from the cubensis family? Like paneolus? Cause cubensis always grow on fields with cow shit, and paneolus need horse shit, hehe. But i know there's some varietys that grown in diferent enviroments, im really curious about it. And about the blue color on, its good to know with sure, im think theres another mushrooms with blue oxydation thats not eadibles. Take care! Love the pics

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Owww thanks!! Thank you!! I'm not really sure since there are horses in the place, but I have not seen cows. And according to a friend it is of the cubensis species and should be taken in a tea. Anyway, I will not consume them, I will wait for my friend who is an expert in mushrooms to come. Then I will upload my experience with the Magic Golden Teacher!! A delight!! Hug!!

Great! Thanks!! And hope i can read your experience when you do that! Cubensis are amazing teatcher, i love!

Yes, it really was an excellent experience!! You will read it already! Thanks for your good vibes!! Hug!!



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