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RE: 🍄🍄Hallucinogenic forest mushrooms, macro photos.🍄🍄//🍄🍄Hongos alucinógenos del bosque, fotos macro.🍄🍄

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WARNING - The message you received from @tomlee is a CONFIRMED SCAM!

DO NOT FOLLOW any instruction and DO NOT CLICK on any link in the comment!


Well. Thank you very much for letting me know !! I still do not identify the bad. I appreciate your comment !! Have a beautiful day!!

You're welcome @mimi05. Have a good day too.

BTW, I noticed I miss your witness vote 😢
Would you mind casting one to me? It would be much appreciated!

Wow! incredible that you are already 5 years on the platform. So I guess you were part of Steem before !! I feel like a very small fish next to people like you. I am not even 5 months old !! But I will learn from you of course, if you help me !! There are still concepts that I do not understand, and others that I am just beginning to understand. Anyway, I am very excited to be able to travel this path that has just begun. Thank you for your votes, I will vote for you as a witness.

Hehe, 5 years looks indeed like ages in the crypto world.
I was also a little fish and had to do my homework to learn too (and still doing) 😅
So consider it proof that nothing is impossible when you stay committed. Looking forward to seeing you grow. 🐳

Thank you so much @arcange for your advice!! I know that one is learning all the time in all aspects of life, especially when we talk about technologies that are so advanced that we must be updating ourselves at all times.😉
I already put my vote for Witness, I hope it works!👍
By the way, could I communicate with you by discord or some other means? I need to clear a couple of doubts with someone like you who knows a lot more about Hive than I do.🙏

You can contact me on Discord or Telegram



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@arcange, you were given LUV from @mimi05. About LUV: