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"Can't see the forest through the trees" a philosophy many people interpret as a pun yet the joke IMO is the miss interpretation itself. By interpreting a pun of the statement, you become the punch line … let us see if I can break down this thought for you


my #FreeWrite on Prompt "Forest" below...

Obviously, the statement is truthful as in when you are surrounded by the forest amongst the trees you cannot see the entirety of the forest. If we relate the forest to anyone of life's given situations, we see this also rings true. When depressed it is hard to see positive and when ecstatic you would be hard pressed to see the negative. You may know you are in a forest and that the trees obscure your view but until you venture from the forest itself you cannot know it. Only once we can reflect upon it can we know it.


We may be able to view the forest before we enter it and analyze it after we exit but never can we truly experience that forest again. The fruit of that journey is much like growing cannabis, particularly regarding the learning experience. We can take every precaution to venture the best path producing a beautiful plant yet there is still a bit of surprise. How could there be surprise if tactfully choosing your path? Well that's life!


The surprise with cannabis when looking back at the forest after the journey is the specifics of the fruit. Over time we develop methods of traversing the forest to a specific destination. Only once you have left the forest and your girls are curing does the gravity of the path taken set in. The subtle differences in quality of your bud being the specifics of the fruit and method to grow being the forest. We find that unless the journey through the forest resulted in acceptable fruit the path is not likely to be chosen again. At the same time, we must remember that while on the journey we have no concept of what options in paths lead towards. We know we can speculate and often do but as the saying goes…



"You Can't See the Bud Through the Seeds"









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This was truly something, not sure what but definitely something. Cheers

Lol thanks buddy I’ll take that something 🤟😝

You're welcome 😄👍

That was simultaneously interesting and confusing. But I'm not complaining.

Glad you enjoyed it but how was it confusing? Freewrite lacks the time to put in all my thoughts, need a little bit of a background growing cannabis in to get my references 😅

In short, I am my own punchline 🤣🤣🤣

I have read it again, and it wasn't as confusing this time. I don't know much about growing cannabis, but I do know about growing flowers and vegetables, so I just mentally inserted a few different nouns along the way and it became clearer.

I figured that was it 😉 hard to flush out those points on a freewrite ... thank you for thanking the time to stop in and read 👍 good to know I’m not completely confused 🤣🤣🤣

That’s dope!

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Literally 🤣🤣🤣 you know the kids don’t even know what dope is anymore 😅 dang fancy names nowadays

Wow, you wrote all that in 5 minutes. Impressive. I do love your explanation of how true 'can't see the forest for the trees' is.

From the title image down yea ... always start with a little lead in while my brain percolates then place title image and link then go 👌 I smash buttons then go back and correct spelling so the original looks really ruff but I get all the “words” out including the wrong autocorrections 🤣🤣🤣

Did you pick up on the fact I am the punchline of the pun? That was kinda hard to keep in mind for my writing 🤔 how to be my own punch line 😉

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