KAIJU EXECUTOR character design

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Greetings to all of this community, here with a new exclusive work for @HIVE and for this community, as the main theme the classic Japanese monsters that appear in almost everything related to giant monsters and other not so gigantic, the KAIJU


This was a character that I really liked creating, I personally like drawing kaijus although I had not shown much so far on this platform but here is the first one, a monster made up of different elements of marine animals







Among other marine things, the kaiju many of them are sea monsters, some are from space, others are from space but live in the sea, others are from other dimensions, others are mutants, etc. There are even some with mechanical parts hahaha a quite varied world

but let's go to the step by step of this character



first the sketch, then the lines, as for the color of the kaiju I like to mix the colors well by giving it a yellow base and on top of that, joining the colors without following a specific pattern



and the materials used in terms of colors are as followsIMG_20201015_150201.jpg

soon more kaijus

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Godzilla is my favorite Kaiju. My favorite Godzilla is Godzilla Earth.

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hey if the godzilla earth is one of the best really yes

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