IAAC day 220 with my quote of the day WIKED TIME

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It's another beautiful morning that the Lord has made, waking up this morning is a thing of joy and I returned all the praise to god yes morning I want to share this quote with you title WIKED TIME
Time takes everything you like away,time takes your sorrows away.time wount let you keep yesterday.time wount let tomorrow be enough.time is wicked but they say it heals.time will take you away from the sad house.time will make you a guest in the happy house.
Time is wiser than all and all is buried in time. Wishing you a beautiful day stay safe and stay alive


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The only Thing outside time is God. That is we should always endeavor to put God first. Do have a wonderful day brother

Thanks @corporateay you are very right God first

hello dear friend @tobywalter good day
The post you dedicate to us is excellent, it invites us to reflect, I really appreciate that you have let us know
have a splendid day

You are welcome dear friend @jlufer

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So sorry no need for down vote a message will be nice thanks for the correction