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I Am Alive! 🌱

My journey to making my Hive account work for me instead of the other way around continues. So far my attention has been on building my city in dCity and increasing my amount of #WEEDMM (Weedcash Mega Miners). Both have been very profitable till now. The #WeedCash community is making impressive leaps. And even dCity is keeping things exciting with constant updates and improvements. So be sure to check both of them out.

Now that I am a bit content where phase 1 has gotten, it's time for phase 2. This involves investing in CTPM and LEO with additional earnings. Owning token miners on Hive-Engine are a neat and effort free way of generating or "mining" more of that token. The amount you have compared to the total amount determines the chance of mining something each hour. I already have a small batch of CTPM but it's not doing anything yet. Taking a look at the CTPM richlist, I noticed a familiar name, which was none other than @pixiepost. Diving deeper into her account stats it seems she is already mining a fair amount. But she has 760, so that's a long road ahead for me. 😅 I will get there though.

Until then, this will be me and my 27 #CTPM

Passive income is an important part of being financially independent. If you haven't starting building your own empire, now is the time to start! Work smarter, not harder. :)

Now for an appropriate daily funny image to balance out all the drama.



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Oh my goodness... thank you for the mention lol. Yes, I was aggressively buying miners for awhile but not as much now since I am at a decent level for now. I still buy from time to time, but starting to focus on LEO a bit more. CTP is always my hub but I like broadening my horizons just as you are. :)

You will get there with the miners. It took me awhile, too :) I bought 1 LEO miner and that was a bit pricy. So I am just sticking with the tokens for now. Those are easier to accumulate. You are doing fantastic so I have no doubt you will grow well :)💚

haha, same. I did the bought and staked 2 LEOM and realized that was going nowhere fast. So I'm saving that for when the big bucks come in.

For now I'm mostly focused on gathering resources that haven't shot up yet, but have huge potential.

That's a good way to go. Like you, I don't have that kind of moola ha ha. Sometimes, slow & steady is the way to go at the beginning! :)

Thanks for the tokens! :)

Sometimes, slow & steady is the way to go at the beginning!

There's a dirty joke in there somewhere.

Have a !BEER as well 🍻

🤣🤣😂😂 I plead the 5th! 😂

Thank you! Someday they will make a wine one :)


Just testing if one already exists. 😄

HA HA HA HA I love your ambitious nature! 😂😂


Hey @pixiepost, here is a little bit of BEER from @rarej for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.


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hello dear friend @rarej good day
You are doing them very well, things well done take time, keep calm and you will see the results. may your success continue
stay safe and take care
have a great day

Thanks for the well wishes and have a great day as well!


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Earning passive income is nice. Dcity, splinterland renting and miners are nice example. Automated curation also helps.

I haven't jumped into splinterlands yet. Need to do more research before I spent that initial $10. But it looks promising. Automated curation I might do on an alternate account, but on this one I prefer to personally do things.

You will not regret those $10. But on side note to get something meaningful in game ,you should be at least playing in Silver league.

Noted. I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip.

Keep growing! You're doing great ;)

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Yeah! Full speed ahead. :)

What a day to be alive. I still regret missing out on ctpm but another opportunity will definitely arise and also your last input that's it's never too late to build a passive income portfolio is lit.

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You haven't missed out on anything yet. They're still just 1 Hive per CTPM.
So it really is never too late. ;)

Oh.. Please do you mean 1 ctpm cost just 1 hive. I need to act on this info if it's confirmed

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I am not a miner but the information you have provided looks promising... Will check all the details later...

It's definitely something to look into, if you want to earn some extra income without doing much work for it.

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