Can We Opt Out?

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As the course of modern society turns dystopian, more and more of us want nothing at all to do with it. Shouldn't we be allowed to take our chances in the wilderness, like our ancestors did, without a controlling state in our lives? If we're free sentient beings, shouldn't we be able to decide how we live? As masks, untested injections, and digital immunity IDs go from conspiracy theory to mandatory-for-participation, many are asking... Can we opt out?

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Would you consider opting out?



Girls want to opt out so they can put out lol. Spring is around the corner and the primal urges are kicking in. When the beast tell you that you can't eat meat or dress sexy and date, then maybe the brain will reconnect.

We are working on opting out in Australia.

That's dangerous, isn't it? They plan to kill anyone pretty much outright, if they deviate from the government's covid response plan. Your weapons have been confiscated and it's illegal to go camping without permission. If you try to organize a protest you get hauled off for re-education. 95% of your populace is stuck in a smart device or glued to a TV set. Your men no longer thunder! I think you've got it just as bad in Australia as we've got it in Canada. Maybe the only thing better about Australia's situation is that you're a bit further away from the USA than we are! Which makes it even more important that you try to opt out, so I hope to hear good news from you soon. It seems less and less countries are willing to take a stand against the globalists. Even Sweden now is masking up and shutting down their economy, even though they've beaten the second wave without doing so. Madness has enveloped the globe.

If I was looking to "opt out" I'd want to be closer the the US.. those citizens are armed and able to protect themselves. Giving up your gun gives up your ability to opt out of anything

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Yes, unfortunately for many people (including most statists) it ultimately comes down to force.

We can still do some camping for free, still lot's of weapons in people's hands and hopefully we don't need to use them. We have had lots of protest all around the country and I have been to a handful myself and never had any issues. Yes lot's are glued to the TV and smart devices for sure. I will be involved in a meeting today to help organise our opting out of their systems.

I've seen a few good speeches and protests in Australia over the past few years. I don't follow it closely but I know things are quite similar down there as in Canada. Being 5 Eyes, and Commonwealth, and all the same shit. Sometimes things are tried here then moved there later (like "legalization"), and sometimes it's the other way around. But basically the globalists are manipulating both our countries in very similar ways. :/

Very true mate.

That was a great monologue and video! It's nice to watch your audio to the Farmers Market clips because it's always mesmerizing and the coincidental sync ups are interesting. That was neat watching my shadow haha ;) Also filming people filming is always fun :)

Nice camerawork!!
I'm glad we captured all that footage. This one in particular was great because at least half the people in it weren't fully shown. I probably wouldn't have selected it for this production if all their faces had been shown.
And the moving thumbnail on YT is quite cool, it's that point where the crooken-legged family is walking past all at once, makes it look like a very busy (and enticing) video! That said, it only has like 180 views, which is only about half my total views at this point (across all platforms). YT hates content like this nowadays.

Yes. We are opting out.... I found 40 acres of Forest on Cape Breton Island for $9 k ... they actually are giving away free Land out east. British Columbia is ridiculous ... unless you can get some land on the Tulameen River and go panning for gold and platinum up there.

There are solution on the horizon. People are all coming together to Opt IN to a evolved way of society and humanity. BC has many who are interested in progressing without entities who want to poke you with needle picks. Checkout: http:// t (dot) me/ escProspectroom

Thanks, I'll look into installing Telegram for desktop. It appears to still require sync with a smart device, but hopefully that's not the case.

I think you can signup with a email. Not sure. Worth checking out the group. Useful information with people working on solutions as you mention wanting in your talk. Opt In to beneficial change.

Unfortunately I can find no way to sign up without a mobile device. It won't accept my land-line phone number, and there are no alternatives. So unfortunately I can't access the information.

Humm, Is there a Direct message function in the Hive world?

Not that I know of. Some people use Discord, although I almost never open mind to check for new messages. I have the same name there. Also the same name on protonmail. But the blockchain itself doesn't have any chat or direct messages. I didn't realize until recently that it doesn't even have image capability... the images are stored on somebody's server somewhere (ie: not really secure) and all that appears on the actual blockchain is a link to that image. But hey, it's still got uses and it's still cool.

I already opted out. I own 35 acres at the end of the street. I quit my conventional job. I quit paying taxes decades ago. Starting this year I'll be growing my own food.

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Great, what are you going to grow this year?

Tomatoes, lettuce, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes.. we're having a garden this year

Very nice! Sounds like a nice salad and half a main course... just add a burger, slice of pizza, or burrito! :D
Have you grown that stuff before?
Got seeds?

I grew up on 110 acres in Pennsylvania... farming.. so yeah I know how to grow food

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Okay then I hope you share your knowledge as you go! I am still learning but I do my best and usually get some nice tomatoes, beans, and garlic. :)

I'm the bean master lol. One year we had to can 110 quarts of green beans..

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