Keeping our composure at the CanEx Psychedelic Summit 2021

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@julietree and I at CanEx, representing for CJ Retreats @canjamretreat @wakenbakecafe and @lernherstory

There’s almost no one (and no sponsors) here compared to year’s past. As you can see we are trying our best to keep our composure during the final panel.


We plan on hosting psychedelic sessions at CANJAM Retreat starting in October. Hopefully we make a few more connections in the space while here.

WKND Trips 🍄 coming soon…



I feel the effect of COVID still tell on physical meetings and events. Hoping things get back to norms soonest. Next retreat should be great. Nice going man.

Jah bless ya

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Exactly bro, it paled in comparison to the previous events. Hopefully things will pick up again by next year. 🙏🏽