Upcoming Deflationary Changes to LIST Rewards and Important Tag Changes Also Addressing SPAM

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Hello everyone!

Well next month Hivelist will be turning 1 year old! Wow, can't believe it has gone by so fast. Over that time, we have been able to see how things really work in the background and can say it has been an extremely huge learning curve. But with the help from the Hive Engine team and other community leaders, we were able to get the platform off the ground and running!

The classifieds site has grown into a grand hybrid of a Hive Engine nitrous front end mixed with Wordpress. The Wordpress side is what we know and have been working with for a long time, so that is how we have created the platform we have. With the help of the Hiverss.com feed, we have been able to custom build our of face for the platform and have the article links open on the blockchain side of things. Wordpress has also allowed us to build out our very dynamic storefront that is also open to Hive members to come and start your own online shop for a low price right on the Hivelist.store platform!

Sure there have been changes, some huge, some smaller changes, but the platform has continued to evolve overtime. This time the changes that are happening are more backend and blockchain changes. These changes are being made to help strengthen the platform for long term and to keep it on the course for what it was created for... E-commerce, advertising and marketing.

So let's talk about what we are doing starting on MAY 1, 2021:

LIST Reward Changes

The LIST Scotbot was basically modeled after the same stats as the #weedcash token with some changes. But, now that it has been this long and we have learned the lessons and seen how things work, let's talk about the changes that are being made that will serve our token better:

These changes have been made to further help the long term value of the LIST token, making it more deflationary over time.

First change that is being made is Curation is being made LINEAR! Author post rewards were already linear, but now that there have been some changes on the actual smart contract end of things, we can now set the curation as an option... If it was there before, we didn't know... lol... again, we just kinda walked down the settings with @richardcrill when setting it up, lol.

Next change that is being made is to the Reduction Percentage settings. This is currently set to reduce the rewards pool .5% approx every year or every 10512000 blocks... This is being changed to 10.0 so now instead of the rewards reducing by a half of a percent per year, it will be reducing by 10% each year! This will make for a much larger decrease in inflation every year!

Another change, related to this is that currently the rewards pool is paying out approx 1 LIST token every 16 blocks... Well, we are decreasing that to 1 LIST token every 32 blocks! What this does is really just slows down the rate of payout. This will greatly decrease the amount of rewards going out, thus making it a bit more scarce.

These changes are in effort to bring more scarcity and value to the LIST token and its stake holders over time, not to mention the multiple use cases for the token...We are not only trying to bring value, but also utility to the token.

Addressing SPAM

SPAM has been a MAJOR issue, not just with Hivelist, but with many of the communities. People posting completely irrelevant material and using the community tags to just get the rewards. This is considered SPAM and we are about to address it in a serious way.

We have tried to be really kind with it, starting with a nice little comment, which most people have taken very well, and some not so much. Those that are correctly using the Hivelist activator tags get their posts shown on the hivelist.io/classifieds front page as well as will get upvotes from us.

The tag that obviously gets the most abuse is #hivelist, being that it is the main community tag we expected this. We have considered just completely dumping the tag as a whole, and actually a few community leaders agree, instead, we are going to be actively moderating and downvoting irrelevant and poorly produced posts on this tag. And when I say downvoting, we are going full force. This will be a heavy focus for us going forward.

Another reason we are reducing rewards is because the spammers are the ones that are constantly dumping the tokens on the market, so we are going to be cutting their supply down and actively downvoting them. I ask any other true LIST stakeholders, ones that care about the community to help us in this venture. If you are willing to help us moderate, please contact us on Discord! There will be some LIST delegation in it for you to help out ;).

We know that not all content using the Hivelist tag is abuse, and we will reward accordingly, but to those that want to use the platform properly, we ask that you use the proper tags to properly categorize your post on Hivelist!

This is the main reason we do not display the contents of the Hivelist tag on the main page, we use that to focus on the intended content.

Here is a post that was written a little while back that discusses this:

Tag Changes: Goodbye Classifieds Tag, Hello Events and Fundraising

So now for the tag changes:

We are going to be removing the 'classifieds' tag as it is also used a bit for SPAM, but is really the lesser of the used tags anyway.

The tags we will be adding are:

'events' - to be used to promote any upcoming events you may have, or any overall community events and gatherings.

'fundraising'- This tag is to be used for fundraising purposes. Think of this as our way of incorporating our Hivefunding site idea into Hivelist. We are trying to consolidate a bit of our work going forward, so this is a great way to do it! If you want to raise funds for a project, charity, or any good purpose, this is a great place to start! Please use this wisely and also, if you plant to donate to anything, please do your own research! We will be heavily watching this tag not just for possible scams, but to help find possible needs and possible great investments! So welcome to the new Hivelist Fundraising platform, haha!

We feel that these tags are great base activator tags to help expand the Hivelist platform even more!

We may look to add more tags in the future, but we are limited in how many we can use due to blockchain indexing capabilities. For now, we feel that these are great tags for not only this community, but for our online world today. We would really like to add a 'housing' section in the future, but with such a global and, let's just say not a large community at the moment, and we are all kind of spread out, that a housing section is really kind of useless at this point in time... But who knows what the future holds.

In Conclusion

We believe strongly in the Hive community as a whole, and believe in the cause. We want to be the backbone of the ecommerce and advertising side of the community from the beginning, because, that is where Hive is... We are still at the beginning, which Hivelist did start shortly after the fork, so there is that. Again as stated above, these important reward and tag changes will be going into effect on MAY, 1 2021! The moderation has already started!

Oh yeah! One more little add on... ALSO ON MAY 1, to celebrate our 1 year round the sun as a platform, we are also going to be burning 1 Million LIST tokens! We are also going to be coming out with the next LIST Staking Club update on that day as well... Sorry, with the launch of the store, and dealing with some other issues this month, that got overlooked... So be looking forward to May 1, 2021!

Keep Calm and Hive On!

I am tagging the current LIST Staking Club here to alert our main stakeholders of these changes and moderation warnings...

Also if any of you have any input, we would love to hear it.


LIST STAKING CLUB MEMBERS (not counting this account or the founder’s account, @thelogicaldude):



Hey this is good, How are everyone, well look at the truth I am one of you who faithfully supports the idea of ​​controlling SPAM, In all communities there are always people who Post that the truth does not go with the type of content, but some They do it because they are new and because they are exploring labels and communities a bit

The truth and a lot of sadness makes me admit it, hahahaha but I think it would enter that SPAM list hahaha

I have a few days using the #HiveList tag but not with bad intentions, I use it because I see a lot of future for this token and the truth is what I have gained I have everything in HOLD 100% I love this token and since I see its token well rules support the idea of ​​controlling is SPAM with labels,

It is good that if someone in their post uses the community tag they warn them before giving a negative vote, since as I say some do it because they are new, but I think that by warning them once they will understand, of course if they continue with misuse if further action is necessary

Since I know more about Hivelist I love it, greetings, and I would love to be able to help as a Moderator, and help avoid SPAM, I have plenty of time at home, so I have time to classify the posts and the good content suitable for the community, greetings to all, and I will be more attentive in my publications by using the tag

We are really asking at this point to use the #hivelist tag really for purposes of promoting the Hivelist platform. We really ask that you use the proper tags for posts to help with indexing and such being it is a classifieds and marketing driven platform.

For general posts about whatever, we would like it to be side hustle related, and that is a WIDE range, haha, we ask that you use the #hustler or #hivehustlers tags to go to that community.

It's good that you are moving towards the linear reward curve and I find that it is something I want all HIVE tribes to consider. As for the spam, I think its something most communities should address. I tend to use mostly general tags and only use the specific tags when applicable. But for those who ignore the warnings, they are violating it willingly so downvotes might be required.

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yeah, I get it, that's why I am keeping the general tag, but the purpose of Hivelist is to be a classifieds, ecommerce, and marketing platform. The specific tags have their purposes, it's also an indexing thing. Helps people that are looking for certain things. We are also wanting to move more of the 'general' discussions over to the @hivehustlers platform, so that hivelist stays kind of pure for its intent.

So the HUSTLER tag is general purpose right? I was debating about using it sometimes for games like Rising Star since its like a side hustle of earning some crypto by clicking now and then.

Posted via weedcash.network

Yeah anything related to a side hustle of any kind is what that is for.

Sold good changes I like the sounds of it. Active downvotes, reducing supply and a change up on tagging all seem like positives to me!

The one thing I haven't been able to find details on that make sense to me are how staking or miner work with LIST and I believe you also control COM ? Will this be changing as well? I saw a mention of list staking club above but is the first time hearing about it. Thanks!

So LIST staking is just that, you stake LIST and earn rewards. At a certain point, you can get to the LIST Staking club. It's all explained at https://hivelist.io/list-token. There is no miner token for LIST. Staking LIST earns you COM tokens as well, which has it's own ecosystem that attaches with the @hivehustlers ecosystem. You can read all about that at https://hivehustlers.com/token-economy. There is allot to it, I basically tried to save the HUSTLER ecosystem by creating the Hivecommerce token...

It's great you have made curation linear I'm looking forward to it and hope for the best

Right on!!!

Yeah man love to see you making moves! Excellent work!!!!

yep, coming out swinging, gotta do it!

You Got my support!

I've got some things in the works at the moment.

Good to know of this improvements. Seeing HiveList community go to a new high level in the second half of 2021.

Who do I delegate to?

It would be nice to have a HiveListPromo tag that we are allowed to use when promoting but not listing. I saw recently that your Vendor services are up so I hope to get my store setup soon. I made a post yesterday and used the tag but only to try and spread awareness of the token. I also think it is important to cut down on spam @hivelist so I hope I don't get downvoted for using it. #hivelistpromo could be a new tag ?

You can use the Hivelist tag for these purposes. That is fine. It's the blatant misuse of the tag that we are about to really start combatting. That reason alone, promotion, is the reason we are not deprecating the Hivelist tag entirely.

Thank you that's good to know. I appreciate the update