Rant Time- Runners, Worker Shortages, Time for A Change

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Happy Sunday Funday everyone! The start to mine was a bit frustrating but has gone along with the rest of the week and weekend really.

My dog is still down with a hurt front paw so trying to get him to chill and rest while still trying to work my normal delivery business has been a bit of a challenge and he keeps rehuring the foot everytime I think he is starting to feel better.

Anyway, I then go on a rant about the worker shortage that is plaguing the US. It is bad out there guys, I mean really, and I am normally one that looks on the brighter side of things. But damn, people don't want to work and these companies are paying out like $15 and still cant get even teenagers to come and work. And if they can, they still can't get the job right.

Yes, the metaverse is going to be a thing... one day... but today isn't that day and we still need stuff and food to survive, and we need workers to make the stuff and truckers to take the stuff. So yeah, you get the gist of the rant, lol.


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Wishing a speedy recovery for the doggo!


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What martial art did you do?

ninpo taijutsu, basically combat ninjutsu. So in other words, don’t take my dudeness for weakness, lol 😂

Lol, The true American Ninja, I see Patience is important. I did Judo for over 10 year. JUDO; The Gentle Way to throw someone in the air and land gently...lol.

Yeah my niece told me she was taking ninja classes, I was like yes! Then found out it was that silly obstacle course thing, lol. She is a beast and needs to be learning to harness it with some true martial arts, but my sister and her California bred husband are all anti violence, lol. So that is what uncles are for, lol. Worked for my daughter, she can kick some ass and walks around with 2 blades on the ready, lol. Raised right, lol.

Lol, absolutely.

Judo or jujitsu is what I would take now as an older fella, lol. Actually I am about to start taking aikido next month.

We say hello!

Blaze it.


Howdy @thelogicaldude
No portable coffee pot or small stove in the van?
You doing doordash on the side? Me and my wife have an account.
I used to do UBER and UBER Eats also...
I dont know if you ever done amazon delivery? Just a suggestion.
Keep up the good work....

I have cooking stuff, but it’s a pain in the butt and just as easy if not easier to go down the street and get a cup. Mainly do GrubHub, occasionally some Doordash but money is better with GH in my area.

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