SkyBuds Organic Grow Room Series - Episode #19 - How Can I Up Engagement

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Strain Name: Grapefruit punch f2 / lemon drops / White Widow
Strain Type: Autoflower
Strain Breeder: @bifbeans &
Growing medium: Supersoil
Growing Ferts: EWC & Compost Tea & Top Dress

Been a few days for an update. I do think the LST training has been doing really well. I am finally not having a huge issue with the humidity as it has finally stayed around 50%.

White Widow

The white widow number 1 is already flowering and I am kinda upset. This has only been in veg for about 2.5 weeks maybe even 2.



This is now around 5/6 and she is starting to show her colors. The purple is coming of in the flower and the fall fade is starting.


I am happy that this has taken to the new pot pretty easily. I mean it is hard to actually tell with these dam freakshows if they are stressed at all.


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That lemon drop looks bad ass! So why did you put the freak all the way to the side of the pot?

Yeah it may be the healthiest.

I did that cause I grew it to long to it stretched. Plus I plan it train this like mad. I have been reading these love training so that's the plan 😂

Whats with the lettuce in the pots?

I have been testing companion plants.

Nice. Sounds like a cool idea

I agree with you on the POB stuff you were saying. It is just another token that people use to buy Hive with. We need more use cases for these HE tokens, but it is hard for people to want to spend the money on development and stuff when it costs 7000+ Hive to create a HE token and front end with token distribution. Then we have the DHF that is very centralized in what gets voted on.

Agreed, I was looking at setting one up and it's way to costly to get a tribe or anything on HE.

Yes without use cases the HE tokens are useless. Tokenized community only work for ones with an outside use case. Even Leo it don't have a use case just has support and even that we see falling.

They are mostly hype and thats about it

Yup agreed