Clean Tent - Happy Transplant - Bmac Update #1

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Small update tonight, I have done what I had hoped to do for a while and cleaned the tent. This was not a hard job just one I have been putting off

I just the tip I had got from one of @derangedvisions posts about using isopropanol to clean and make sure everything is sterile.

This works out great and everything is just shinier 🤣.

Along with that, I was busy transplanting the bmac from @jonyoudyer. This showed a sign of being a female so I thought it was best to get it in the final pot now.

I started with digging the hole that will take the plant, After the hole was dug I added some rock phosphate. This dry amendment is from gaiagreen.

Then we added a nice handful of worm casting from my personal bin that has finished a few days ago. NOw the bmac is in the soil and ready to root and start some training.

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