Whistle Stop Cafe Freedom Park Protest Against the Alberta Government's Lockdowns!!!

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I attended the Whistle Stop Cafe Freedom Park today for the first day of the protest. They had donation-oriented food service to avoid the persecution of the local tyrannical overlord RCMP you can see abusing a guest here this morning.




The health authorities have put up this makeshift chain link fence, but unlike the churches in Alberta, this time the authorities are dealing with the full force of a local community, and their only gas station (that I seen on my way in). The AHS (Alberta Health Service) was so audacious they closed the camp ground and that caused a massive blow back from locals who were infuriated that the camp ground was not able to operate at all now due to the AHS over reacting to the business not closing in-store dinning during the lockdowns imposed by the Alberta provincial government.

People Attending from ALL Over Alberta

I met a few attendees and discussed their reasoning for attending the protest. The first gentlemen were in attendance from Lethbridge, Alberta, and drove over 5 hours in his camper van to spend the entire weekend there supporting this small town Alberta business that said NO to the lockdowns. The 2nd was there with his son and both of them had traveled from High Prairie, Alberta to attend this protest.

This is a cannabis-friendly venue. We received permission to smoke cannabis anywhere designated for smoking.

"Enough is enough, everyone needs to do something to stand up for what's right, that's why we are here" - Protestor from High Prairie

You see what's blocking your view of the lock in this second photo?


1 pm Rally Saturday, May 8th!


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@phusionphil Exercising His Freedom

(because we are free, our rights are not granted by government.)

Was good to do something instead of pretending I trust the government to figure left from right.

Damn right. Everybody needs to stand up for their rights!


(clap, clap, clap)

So glad to see someone not bending it over to take it up the arse. SO many people welcome this tyranny ,and its sickening!

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Was back again today. Post coming with videos.

@phusionphil waiting for it.....

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Is that you on the picture??you are handsome........@phusionphil

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@phusionphil If true, this is a fact of life!

haha, love is in the air......:-)

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Coughs....it seems someone just got a crush....winks....

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I hope you guys get a tremendous amount of support soon. The leadership in urban cities don't care about your rights.

This is a special cafe, with a special interest group that likes motorcycles and the colors red and white.

Thanks for the wonderful update ..

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