I added to my Check List for Vaccine Safety - Update on Dystopia Near Me

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I usually am a daily poster, so my apologies if you are one of those people who appreciates my angry rants as some form of vice reflection of your own concerns about the world around us.

This last week has been especially frustrating as the CDC has flip flopped yet again, while everyone was distracted with a middle eastern country. IRL my family and friends have basically told me to shut up and sit down, just like when the lockdowns happened originally.

This next phase is going to be the hard pill to swallow for those of us who are aware of what is going on, although i am not interested in going into it, I have seen the true nature of greed in a oh to real and close to home fashion for the greater whole of my life.

I know you are all scared or angry, but what I am now saying is there will be blood if I do not have my questions and concerns answered with objective truth, before this vaccine is ever offered to me. Even offering it to me, with the currently understanding I have would be an insult to me. I have decided to add to my requirements to even start the conversation about the possiblity of getting this vaccine.

The conditions I already had;

  1. Evidence of an Isolated Covid-19 virus, verified by a medical organization not affiliated in anyway to WHO, CDC, China or the USA.

  2. 1 billion dollars liability, plus assurance on any damages, from the vaccine manufacturer to be directly inherited into my life insurance policy in the case the cause of death is discovered post mortem

  3. Objective truth about what caused the myocarditis in the 27 previously healthy young men in Israel

What I am going to add

  • I personally want my own isolated sample of covid-19 to hire my own independent researcher to verify the claims made by the above independent medical org (outside china and USA) and the mainstream narrative

I personally have better things to do with my time, but this race of slaves makes living on earth so unbearable I might have to die before I experience real sovereignty.

I don't even enjoy smoking cannabis anymore as I have to smoke it basically constantly to control the anger I have for this world. The medical properties still are great and make me relax, but aside from that blank slate of mind numbing Indica you feel in your cerebral cortex, that is about as blissful as life as been for the last 18 months in this shit hole socialist dystopia called Canada.

my wealthy friends have just skipped the border to the states, as per usual there is a pay gate for all those who wish to live freely and I wasn't willing to sacrifice my entire crypto stash to go on a limb down to central USA, where some rampant leftists will probably attempt to murder us anyway... This dystopia is shit and equal to torture...

Snap Back to Reality

I am sure we will all be on hive when this is said and done, so I have just slowed down this week on blogging and been focused more on the diesel pools and making some trades. I want to go down to the states with my friends, Canada is shit in everyway and if Trudeau somehow wins this election, it was obviously stolen.

I will need my crypto safely store away from these depraved socialists who want to tax me.

See you guys on the flip side of this shitty week, that will be about 7 months are current time space intervals.

Current Events - I Feel Guilty When I don't Share These Because Some People Think this pandemic is about a Virus

Ad-hoc-15 - Where to find the isolate?

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Mike Adams discuss access to the isolated virus for lab testing, why has access not been provided to non government agencies for independent research?


Informed Consent

Informed consent would mean that the nurse injecting you, answered any questions you had about the side effect known as ABD.

Did anyone I know, who got a vaccine, have ABD described to them?

The only place you would see that warning is on the package the vaccine came in, the only person who would have the opportunity to read that to you is the nurse, and that same nurse is protected by third party liability from any repercussions that happen administering the vaccine, under the provisions in the health act.

Kind of a fool proof test, if the nurse mentioned ABD to you, then potentially informed consent was a factor, if not, you did not know the risks and were not informed enough to absolve the government of Canada from criminal responsibility under the Nuremburg Code.

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You want to go to the states where they also tax crypto?
I think I drank too much moonshine.

The country side and nature in Canada are as beautiful as they seem on TV, but the economy has some serious issues.

Our dollar alone tells the story, super volatile, every time a political party changes other nations don't trust us because we are way too friendly with China.

You have a good point, I also don't like the 2 party system there either.

I run into this hilarious dilemma when I meet people outside Canada all the time, I'm not shy to admit we have the same problems as everyone else, just trying a new system is probably half the fun of going elsewhere.

I made a joke about moving to China recently since they are going to run the entire world if we are anymore passive aggressive. Anything aside from lockdown, maybe I'll get the vaccine just out of boredom so I have something real to worry about lol


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I love your courage, I hope they will agree to your conditions.

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