Hive Retraces to $0.55 USD

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This is a nice price trend developing, lets see where we are tomorrow morning. As you know the 0.5 retracement can be unforgiving if you are short.

1 Week Candles


5 Minute Candles


All of the Hive ALTS are all over the place, whats up?


All of you are wild today!


I was so happy this morning when i woke up this morning and get a notification from my crypo app telling that Hive is over 55%, i checked immediately and HIVE is over $0.50. at first when i know check hive engine i see a lot of sales going on today and i know Good news is here.

currently at exactly the time in your various areas you are seeing my comment HIVE price is $0.505 now and it is giving me joy, and i know many people who are holding on there HIVE will be able to sale now.

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And then there is people who have a lot of zeros on the end and trade for 0.1% gains after fees lol they make more than we will in our life time, trusting robots to make the market.

Some of us like to look on the mirror and enter the orders ourselves, and I commemorate you for that.

I saw this happening about 8pm PST. Are the Koreans pumping this up again?

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@darkflame was saying something about the KRW.. Seemingly contributing but there is 2 separate distinct volume pools.

The SPS token volume with ETH, and then separately the pumping going on from the Korean roots it seems, they collide at mediums of exchange making some nice fireworks so far.

@kerrislravenhill , @phusionphil ;
SPS on BSC is up 6x today


Well I'm not selling my 800 Hive I've accumulated on my DEX as I've already committed to August's HPUD.

Oh ill be powering up, just probably a lot more if the price comes down at all now.As of right now, it seems we have the top forming.

how ever checking the chart of hive coin i noticed that the rise today is for good though it is not stable yet i believe hive will not fall as low as it did before, rather it will form a support and resistance that will hold it's strength in the market.

Good luck to everyone and happy Bullish August in crypto market. August will be climbing the mountain again. hive to hit $1.0 is here again.

what i cannot tell is the factor that is pushing price up like this but whatever it is i am so happy it is happening and it should continue to increase hive price for Good. Is not bad that we are all smiling again after a bad bullish trend this year.

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I think you said it in another comment, but SPS, Korea and Ecency onboarding were huge recently.

Bitcoin itself is rising,could it be it had effects on other alts??

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Hive is a unicorn.

Don't compare our 40% to bitcoins little child's play pump lol, 3 whales could have pumped BTC to where it is, although it's mainly short positions for new holders I heard.

Hmmm i could not agree with you less..

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Exciting waking up to current surge of hive. I hope we hold up with this range for a long time. I believe Splinterlands craze might be responsible for this or might there be something else I don't know about? No matter what it is, I'm loving the current prices.

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@darkflame sourced 2 volume indicators.

He mentioned Koreans as well as SPS. There is 2 distinct patterns.

Also the price of Bitcoin was rising simultaneously, so there is three.

@phusionphil here we can also see that there were 3615 new accounts on July 28th 2021

Furthermore, 1989 of the accounts created yesterday were by Splinterlands

New users probably for splinterlands, I see in the graph. It's nice that ecency is making a splash

Great to know. Hope the prices stay above the 40 cent mark

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pumping ahead of Steem, nice

Lol AHAHAHAHAHA in Steems face.

@frot @lucylin @antisocialist 50 cents per hive, just a friendly reminder.

I know, I'm not selling mine, just powering it down, ready for a big pump. In uncertain times, 13 weeks lock up is way out of my comfort zone!

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You won't find me giving you a hard time about what you do with your money, but you may find me slitting someone's throat who came to rob you. I hate people who interfere with others financial sovereignty and I want them dead, or absent. One of the 2, nothing else would satisfy me, I don't befriend the filth that feeds on the bottom.

The same filth that would judge us for our manifestations of wealth.

Wen lambo?

I mean some of us probably have a down-payment for one now, it's not out of the picture.

Lol Lamborghini with the plate ANTI-SOCIALIST would be great

Wouldn't it?
I'm holding out for tfueled bmw r12.
Acapulco is a long ways from here even at 100 miles an hour.

When society enslaves you, antisocialism is duty.

Lol I am tempted to steal that plate. I live in Canada, dude it's like Socialosttopia up here, I could pay the cops crypto for all the tickets and tell them their wife makes great lunch 😅🤣😭

It's an idea not an organization.
Feel free to spread the concept.
Remind people that rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms, and the meme will be completely transferred from me to you.

'It's wrong to force people to do things they don't want to do.' is where it all started, for me.

Seems some folks don't hold to that ideal.

I woke up this morning to see this and it made me happy , i am happy that i was able to buy some at low prices ✌️

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Yeah it's great news.

See i can make normal blogs too that are not caked with insanity & satire lol


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I would prefer to see a solid trend going up stage by stage than crazy pump followed by a quick dump.

Oadissin after Hive Moons...


Because you know you wont dump and will simply live off the capital gains from being a big time blogger turned big time investor.🤫😎

Investing and collect rewards later.

I took a large short position because I have some debts to settle on Hive and some people need to have their post zeroed out so they get a nice forced fed sip of their own venom.

I am going to start the war of wars with these socialist fucking retards who suck any witness cock in sight.

You can't brown nose with a 0 rep...


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