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Found this photo on a Asean gas station in vernon BC. I dont understand it to this day lol.

Any one have any ideas?

Is it supposed to prevent drowning?

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I think this phrase refer to helping people in need. Not only in the water travel where some are drowning but in every situation possible.

Reduce - Share now : it might be referring towards reducing the space someone takes in the yachts or canoes and allow the people drowning come over.

or in common case if we have a food then reducing what we can eat and helping the person who has nothing to eat.

I don't know if i am correct or not.

what is this challenge on hive community ?

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Best unintentional #Engrish submission yet, love it!

Thank you

Well, the grammar isn't bad at all, but the logic is a little bit questionable. Thanks for taking part in the #Engrish challenge, but don't forget to submit publish it within the community next time. I almost missed this beauty because it wasn't in the community.

I don't think anyone drowning needs to worry about reducing anything other than their water intake.

I thought I had posted it there, my bad I just added the one hashtag.

My #1 grief on Hive is not being able to change the #1 tag on a post.


I know what this is.

Its a porn site ad.

Oh yeah i can see it, we all need wet girls and when you see them drowning, you fuck them no matter where you are, its not okay to not fuck a dripping wet lady!

Yes, we like to do that when its dry like sand paper.


Thats why its not okay tho, the sign is true!

I am so lost right now. I don't know if we are serious or we are just fucking around here. LOL

I hope there are no snowflakes following this conversation because they would be having a mind fuck right now.



Dafuq. That went left field all of a sudden.

Now I know we are both serious. Well guess what two can play that game.

Uploading image #1...

Communism for mariners

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Yeah, only 1 child allowed, throw away all young women, they can't carry our last name, the fish need food.

People were traveling in a sea and they were suddenly hit with a Storm.
Now some are having yachts , while have canoes to help them survive this thunderstorm but there are people who has nothing and they are drowning.

So it is not at all ok , that those human are drowning and people with yachts and canoes need to help these people who are drowning.

Common Reduce the non living things from your yachts and canoes and give these drowning people space to survive.

You see this phrase is asking people having yachts and canoes to help at there level.

there might be some things that might not be more important than a person life and these are things and to reduce from yacht and canoes.

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Hi @phusionphil , I am really not good at these decoding things and finding out a valuable meaning to them.

I wonder what it might mean 🤔🤔

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I have no boats so care not what the cause is :-)

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hahaha same here it was in a recreational area near a beach at a gas station. What a puzzle.

I have a kayak so I don’t understand this at all.

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This has confused 100% of people I have shown it to.

I think it's about wealth inequality

My mind doesn't process communism or equality so makes sense why I can't understand that

I'm still trying to figure out what reduce - share now means

Maybe it is straight-up communism. The people with the yachts and canoes need to share with people who are drowning?

Reduce your carbon footprint and share all your possessions with QR rentals like the scooters lol

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