Gangsta rap made me do it! why i burned thousands of $ worth of NFT´s

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Decleration of responsibility!

The students cried in #dCity ´s universe last night as i burned down their homes! the ones that came crawling to me for mercy. I showed none!


Last night i lit a fire under a total of 5 "Coombined" "University Campus cards" a NFT (Non Fungiable Token) collected here on the blockchain in the popular DeFi game #dCity, The "worth" of the cards remains at this moment "uncertain"...


However the card like i said is were so called "Combined" card. Meaning it consists of a few cards "minted" by the players in a mechanism released in the games "3rd". The value of the cards it takes to "mint" a "University campus card" however is counted in thousends of SIMs (the games native token)... at least "three fiddy", experts asume. (hundreds of US$ that is)

were the burnings poltical in nature?

Not at all, i support the current president and his "reduction of SIM supply" policy as well as his hyper taxation policies. They will only toughen up the playerbase who in my opinion should long time ago have grown some balls, learnt the game and stopped whining like little bitc***

*why did i do it? *

i have been asked many times today and after the events who took place during the night of 2. April. 2021.

Gangsta Rap made me do it, is pretty much the only answer i can give you at the moment.

I however decided to become clean here and say that while certanly Gangster rap did play a part in my decision to commit terrorism upon the #dCity world.

Other factors weigthed in significantly and Gangster rap can not be alone in shouldering the responsibility for tonights events, the fact that i was under the influence of drugs and had in my own words "been up for dayyyz" did play a crucial role in my decision making.

Come to think of it, Attention, attention is deffinatly a big factor,

Will the burnings continue?

I have also gitten that question this morning, the answer to that is.. I dont know, i just got up, come on now bitch leave me alone.. i´m getting high!

For those of you who have read through, make sure to check out the game. it is an "online investment simulation meets german gay cyperpunk ""chem-sex"" party"...

(you might want to google the term "chem-sex" for further information on the subject... or you just might want to)...

However before you are off checking that out, remember to drop me a comment below. I will be handing out #PIZZA token and some #LUV shares to the ones i deem worthy!

Thank you for reading, until next time!




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eh... el.Presidente!



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