My Relationship With the Different Kinds of Weed (Marijuana) in my Country

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Holla! Holla! It's me again. I just wanna diversify on my relationship with Marijuana. If you know me since i've been here on Hive and you read my Introductory post then you should know i really love weed (Marijuana) and you should know the country where I'm from (Nigeria).

So uhmmmmm.....Let's break it down now shall we?😁

In different countries, different varieties/species of weed are called different names. Botanically there is cannabis sativa, cannabis ruderalis, cannabis indica. But I haven't come around to identifying the weeds I see by these botanical names, neither have most of weed smokers out there 😉. But in different countries and areas, different types of weed have come to have different names in those countries. Let's talk about the different ones in my country.

1. Colorado


Nighttime smoking the Marijuana and I got a special guest with me on this one my brother @nevies. Well, This type of weed is called Colorado in my country. It gives a very pleasuring feeling and it makes me very happy but antisocial and the same time it gives me unequivocal boldness.

2. Skywalker


This one right here is called Skywalker(weed )in my country, Y'all might not see the blunt with me here but you definitely can see the smoke puffing out my mouth, Would you look at that Isn't it glorious? It's called skywalker weed 'cause it makes someone not to really feel their legs walking and makes you feel you're walking high up on the sky and fills the lucky individual with excess euphoria and that's magnificient.

3. SK


This type of weed I'm rolling and blowing right here is called Skorn and it instills a very euphoric feeling it makes an individual so happy and you find yourself smiling excessively for things that are not even funny. And oh yeah! I had to go to the riverside to roll this one, Did you know? Smoking by the riverside or waterside is so fantastic, I mean the amount of breeze blowing around there is so much and that's relaxing and good.

4. Arizona


This one here is called Arizona in my country. And it's exhilarating feeling is indescribable but best believe it's a mind blowing feeling but it makes a person wanna eat too much and you will just wanna eat anything eatable that you lay your hands on. Great!

5. Loud


This weed here is called Loud in my country. Simply because it makes someone so loud. Lol. Don't mind me I'm just kidding.😁
Well, It makes an individual zealous and passionate when taken and instills amazing confidence on an individual.

What more can I say?🤷‍♀️ Amazing and interesting relationship huh? Different varieties of weed but still same great and wonderful feeling it gives. There are still many more different types of weed in my country but I haven't been able to have all of them afterall I am not an Oliver twist (In D'banj's Voice) but who knows before my experience and existence in life ends I might have'em all (Winks)😉
'Fore i end this post, My regards to the #weed cash community.👍👊

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Now tell me, is it legal over there? Sounds as if...
Here, it isn't - but at our neighbors, the Netherlands. I've heard the weeds nowadays are way stronger than what the folks smoked when I tried it myself. Never was my thing, though. Made me tired all the times and my friends joked with me, for I was the only one falling into the hang mat and never came out again. :)

Haha, This is gonna be another one(In Dj Khaled's Voice)😆

It's not legal, The cops gonna get your ass jailed if they catch you with the MaryJane here. But we the smokers of it just didn't care about that like how could we lose such an incredible feeling simply because it's illegal. By the way the cops and the government that made it Illegal still smoke it too even more than most of us the citizens. So we just gatta keep it real over here and be on guard carefully so we don't get caught by the Cops or Law Enforcement agencies.

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It's a big pity it made you tired and made your folks laughing at you for falling into the hangmat and never came out again.😁😆😅🤣 Hahaha, Very hilarious I must admit.
But for me it's solace, relaxing and euphoric for me.

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So, every single human has his or her preferred substances, no? With the quite huge difference that for the ones it has been made illegal and for the others you can get it prescribed or buy it freely at the drug store. The ones are the plant related substances, you could grow or pick up in certain areas and have it actually at low cost, the others are the chemically produced ones, where you share your highs with the whole industry and the government in the form of taxes. The institutions always find a way to share your state of consciousness with you, don't they? Of course, everyone who is overdoing it with pills or alcohol, then also is been labeled as addicted or sick. Which they are, but what can one do to escape the harsh felt reality of his life? You cannot blame it on the substances, either way. What one can do is to find ones own response (aka responsibility, the "ability to give a response":)

Oh, I forgot the third branch, where plant related substances are grown for the purpose of selling and profiting from them, too. So as to create middlemen who can be asked for the stuff and get payed. Another market that is.

I had my experiences with chemicals, I must admit. Not the prozacs but the ones, they called "exstacy" back then. But also with magic mushrooms and LSD. Many many years ago.

Have you ever heard of "Ayahuasca"? Thats a combination of two plants, which the indigenous peoples in South America use for spiritual enlightenment and healing of the humans spirit and body, connected to the work of a Shaman?

Nowadays I am doing none of it. The hangovers would become too stressful and I am not in the scenes where this is being talked about or tried out, any more. But I live off the memories and why should I repeat something, I already got the fullest out of it? LOL. It only could get worse, not better. HaHa!

Actually, music triggers those bodily felt experiences quite impressively. I call it the body-mind-spirit, which never really forgets and can be put into similar, maybe not the exact, state of being. All, without taking any drug whatsoever, just by listening to the beats and moving ones body to them.

I am more than convinced that people can put themselves into trance, only by following the monotony of beaten drums within a circle of people who are doing the same thing.

Bummer, that we don't dance around the fires anymore. ;-)

phew, that got long.

Hahahaha, You are hilarious you know. That really got so so long. You seem to really have a largely vast knowledge and experience with a whole lot of drugs that gives wonderful and mindblowing Highs. Woah! A lot of drugs you called there I don't even know them and I've never heard of them too.
I never overdo them drugs, I try to keep it on an average but you know no one is perfect so sometimes or once in a while I kinda abuse them. I only do Weeds and Alcohol(Beers and Wine) precisely. Nothing more.

No, I've never heard of 'Ayahuasca' But from the contents and the way you described it, I bet it's gloriously nice.😇

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I let them laugh and laughed with them. And changed to something else which suited me more.

Hahaha, Quite cool you also joined in the fun and laughed with them.
What was it you changed to that suited you more?

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Are you up for a longer answer? If you are interested, I can write a little about my experiences but wouldn't like to waste your time or talk into a void :)

Sure, Ofcourse. I'm up for whatever. Especially knowing that it's gonna be worth it. Come on. Go ahead and Roll another one for me.

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And also it enhances my mind and gives me incredible motivation and inspiration too. How wonderful you gonna say right?

So uhh, Which country are you at?

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it's in my users name: Germany.

To be a little critical about it, my husband, who smoked a lot of weed in his younger years told me, he was not very productive. There is a difference between feeling inspired and motivated and then actually get into the state of creating something. He told me, when they were under the influence of smoking, they thought what they had done that evening in forms of music or other material accomplishments, the next day it turned out to be crap. LOL

I am not saying that nothing can come out of it, maybe not so much under the immediate influence, but maybe after the effect had disappeared. I would not limit it in general, though. Who really knows?

Wow, Your username is where you are, Hahaha, Hillarious enough to put a smile on my face.

Damn! I bet his experience with it wasn't positive for him. My case is different, When ever I take it it brings out creativity and zeal in me. I begin to think well and get more creative in whatever I am doing. It's unbelievable what I can do when i take spliff and when I take it with some liquor? Damn! I turn to a genuis or should I say a Demigod.😆

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Thats cool. I remember back in the hay day, long before legalization we had..

  • Mex- which was brick weed imported from Mexico, or South America. Usually had seeds, but sometimes it was good smoke, and even fire. But most of the time it was shitty.

  • Homegrown- Something grown from your friends. Sometimes it was fire, sometimes decent. All depending on if you knew a good grower or not.

  • Humboldt Ganj- this was the cream of the crop. And im sure all of it was not always from Humboldt, but it was just what we called fire, because the reputation was quite serious, as it is even today.

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That's interesting to hear you know 😹 Because one thing i've discovered so far is that weeds don't always give thesame feeling. It varies a lot. I really like that because you just can't always expect thesame feeling. I gotta say that is mindblowing fun and the bliss it brings is sometimes indescribable and irreplaceable. Sometimes I just wonder how could burning up a green leave give so much happiness that's incredible. Woooo! Gorgeous.

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I feel you my man...I haven't had the opportunity to take all this varieties of weed but I must say I'm a fan of the arizona, lol, shit really brings out the best in me whenever I take it 😂.
Thank you for enlighting us o, you even mention botanical name one!

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Don't slack on them opportunities, Bro. Getting them varieties of weed ain't hard at all, all you just gatta do is locate a real dealer. Cheers!

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Hahaha, Thanks a lot for the classy words and compliment. I'm just keeping it real, I ain't no lame you know. I love arizona too but i'd prefer Loud, Because it makes me loud.

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Wow, that's good,I understand weed give expiration to go high esteem,I see that,that is how rule.more reasoning.

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Yes, Bro. I'm glad you understand the feeling weed gives. It's just so incredible and amazing. I bet you see that vision, Bro. I'm proud of you. Kudos!

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Looking good, puff puff pass :)

Yeah, That's right! That's how we keep it real in the hood.🤝🤜

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Nice one bro, showing what your nation nigeria can offer and also attracting tourist to our beautiful country.

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Yes, That's right. Thanks for the nice words, it's a pleasure i can do what i do. Hoping to never stop.🙏

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Dude, there is a WEED community on hive, join us xD

Awesome. Tell me! How do i join?

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Alright, Let me follow the lead link.🤗

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I just followed the link but I didn't see any where to click join or to be a member. How do i go about it exactly?

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xD is just a community here on hive, were people post about weed, that's about it xD

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Keep on the HIGH!
Greetings from Bulgaria! ;)

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Thanks for the wonderful advice and wish, Man. I got you. Life is better when High, So why not? Imma keep going high and doing my thing! Cheers.🥂 Keep that bulgarian flag high.

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for sure!
blessings, brother! :)

Yeah, That's right. Stay blessed and feel blessed. The pleasure is mine. I got you.

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Hmmmmm, Sounds entertaining and interesting to me. But I don't think I understand.
Can you do me the pleasure of breaking it down for me?

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What exactly is about to happen?

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Hmmmmm, Now you are begining to sound mysterious. I see you are quite a bizarre and weird type of individual. But you gatta keep that aside and sound more clear and understanding. 'Cause i still can't understand you.

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Hmmmmmm.....Mr. weird and mysterious.😹
Now i see why you are being treated the way you are being treated. Like you don't expect to be this weird and still get the usuals. It's just so dramatic.

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