Bye-bye bugs..

Good evening y'all so let's talk a little bit about gardening.. more specifically cannabis gardening.. I've seen alot of posts on WEEDCASH about people's crops getting bugs.. that got me thinking about my garden..


It's doing pretty good.. my plants are almost waist high.. I'd hate to lose all this hard work to pests..


So I've started Lacewings in the actual plants but the biggest threat here is aphids.. which are normally transported via ants.. so needing a organic remedy I consulted my garden center where I bought some diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is actually sea shells that have been ground into a powder.


Diatomaceous earth is sprinkled on the ground around each plant. The reasoning behind this is that diatomaceous earth slices the feet of the ants who dare to cross it.


Today was the first application and a major step to preventing any pests from eating my plants.


Hope this tip helps someone out there avoid the pain of finding bug in your garden...

Peace out y'all... Dave


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Kill the bugs before the develop an advanced society or this could be your new neighbors lol


And this is why I protect the reptiles near my plants. lol I'd rather have reptilians than worms. XD

I never thought if using reptiles for pest control, I know of lady bugs and other natural pest control

Sadly for me I don't have many lady bugs in the area. I've only seen one, however there are other useful insects like a few spiders that will help control the flying insects (such as mosquitos and flies).

The lizards are quite good. I have a LOT of anoles where I'm at, but they aren't exactly guard dogs either. lol The lizards do eat the ants, but there isn't enough lizards to eat all of the ants, so I assume they get full quickly and stop caring about them. Either way, lizards will generally eat anything that is smaller than them.

The only insects I handle myself are the wasps.

A great way to declare war against these little fuckers!

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Diatomaceous earth sounds brutal... I love it. Fuck those ants, for real. lol I've got an ant problem in my garden. I've also got some bothersome flies, but the lizards are doing their best to hold them back.

Modern Problems requires Modern solutions

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