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Thanks to @steevc and @ericvancewalton, I have started to have a more open mind about podcasts. I have listened to them in the past, and it isn't that I don't enjoy them, but for the most part I'd rather listen to music than someone talk. That's just how I am wired.

When this true crime podcast from our local media outlet came across my feed, it immediately piqued my interest for a variety of reasons. Yes, it's about weed, but I assure you that isn't the reason.

Even if you aren't interested in the pot world, if you live in Michigan, you more than likely have heard of Pinconning Paralyzer. It is (or was) a fairly potent strain of weed attributed to a town on the shores of Lake Huron on the East side of Michigan.

Although marijuana is now fully legal in the state of Michigan, it has been years since I have been a "regular" partaker. Even then, the stuff that we were able to score was horrible quality at a ridiculous price due to the general prohibition of it.

Quite the contrast from now where Pinconning has several major grow and production facilities. There are dispensaries on just about every corner in some areas around me, and non federally insured credit unions offer their banking services on billboards to weed based businesses.

In fact, if I wanted to, by state law I am allowed to grow up to 12 plants of my own for my personal use with zero repercussions from the local and state government.

This is a stark contrast to the picture that is painted in this podcast back when local agencies were cracking down with little discretion on grow operations throughout the area.

Although I don't live in Pinconning, I have been working in the town for close to 20 years, so it has somewhat become a second home to me. Based on that fact, my knowledge of the area, and having heard the name Pinconning Paralyzer uttered in passing, I knew this was a podcast I had to check out.

Basically, the podcast covers what we know of the history of Pinconning Paralyzer, its rise to fame (even being mentioned in High Times magazine), and the eventual resurrection of the strain thanks to some seeds an autoworker kept hidden in a toolbox after a party in 1979.

My wife an I listened to the podcast with much amusement and at only 4 episodes, each being about 30 minutes a piece, it is a quick listen. Since it is a local podcast, the quality reflects that. If you are looking for something on the level of Joe Rogan, you are likely going to want to look elsewhere.

It is entertaining and it does weave a really vivid story of what the culture was like back in the 80's and 90's during the heyday of Pinconning Paralyzer.

My wife and I had to chuckle a couple of times when they mentioned names that we are quite familiar with. There is a portion in the middle where they talk to the man who owns the local newspaper. I have had several conversations with him myself in he past, so having that personal connection was kind of cool.

The lawyer they mention is about as slimy as they come. He may sound like the hero to the growers in the podcast, but I assure there are many sides to him. A short time ago he was actually disbarred, so when they mentioned he still has an office, my wife and I had to question what he does there since he should be prohibited from practicing law. It is possible his license was reinstated and we just missed it. Who knows.

As I mentioned above, it is really interesting to remember how different things were back then. Many of the things that they talk about people being harassed and busted for on a weekly if not daily basis are fully legal now. Still not federally, but I think that is going to happen sooner rather than later.

Although I don't partake, I have acquaintances who do (probably more than I realize), and I fully believe in the medicinal benefits of marijuana and hemp products.

There is a portion of the podcast where they go into some of the growing science and techniques that they use today. It is fascinating just how much science is involved in this stuff. They can do some really amazing things.

It's also interesting to note that back in the day Pinconning Paralyzer was considered some premium weed. These days, it would be mid-level at best given the advancements they have made in growing, breeding, and cross-breeding.

Even if you have zero interest in the world of weed, I highly recommend this podcast. If you do have an interest, or in your travels you have had the privilege of smoking some Paralyzer, I also highly recommend you listen to the podcast. I also encourage you to leave a comment. It would be cool to hear from someone with first hand experience.

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True crime podcast are addicting.

Yeah, my wife and I have listened to a couple of them now. A summer or two ago it was one about a college student who was murdered. I just saw the other day that they are finally pressing charges against the suspect.

Warning: Podcasts may become addictive and cause the hours of the day to evaporate. Lol. Welcome to the rabbit hole.

Thanks! Have you listened to the "In Your Own Backyard" one? My wife and I did that one on our way to the UP a couple of years ago. We tried the "Beach too sandy Water too wet" one, but we couldn't handle the personalities.

I haven't listened to that one! I mainly listen to JRE and Lex Fridman at the moment. I used to listen to the New Yorker Fiction podcast a lot more than I do now but have wanted to go back to it.

Very cool. Adam Duritz from Counting Crows has a music one he was doing for a while where he talks and actually spins tunes. That seemed like it would be a good mix for me, but I never got around to listening to it.

That sounds like one I may want to check out. Russell Brand has a decent podcast too (the name escapes me) but he's actually somewhat unbiased on many issues. He dislikes both sides equally. Lol.

Haha, that sounds about right. He used to drive me nuts, but I know a lot of people just do that as an act. Tom Green is actually kind of down to earth now that he is older and not trying so hard to be over the top.

This is really interesting to read about, the title had got me because only 5 or so years ago, that name was quite popular. To my surprise, that has been a running thought for much longer.

I am not sure if it was just an inside joke or what, but the whole school had been saying "Pinconning Paralyzers" and at one point I got invited to a group chat on Snapchat named it. Having it brought back up, I wonder if the known kids did any of that stuff or it just became a big meme running around the school. (pre-opening and still illegal for 16 year old's at the time)

It's not a podcast, but if you want some really good informational crime stuff, JCS on youtube goes deep into it. Describes tactics on both ends, amazing storytelling, and makes Crim. Psych. really fun to learn.

JCS made more videos, but they seem to get deleted often. So just searching JCS comes up with tons of videos in that "style"

Cool, I will check it out. Yeah the name has been around for quite some time at least as far back as the late 70's according to the podcast. It is a really interesting listen especially given the connection to where we work.

eventual resurrection of the strain thanks to some seeds an autoworker kept hidden in a toolbox after a party in 1979.

This is crazy, Is he the owner of the company? Strain from the 70s grown with modern ways is some sure-fire flower.

Gonna have to check out the podcast, even though as you said music is my thing lol not talking. hell even some times I don't watch youtube videos is they talk to much vs showing the point haha

I feel the same way about YouTube. I don't know how kids these days sit and watch it for hours on end :) Now listening to music for hours on end, I can do that no problem! Not to spoil it for you, but they said it honestly isn't that good compared to the stuff you can get these days. He is really interested in crossing it with stuff though to come up with new strains. So the guy who had the seeds was buddies with a guy whose son owns a grow facility. It sounds like it might have originated from Hawaii and was brought back with someone on their way home from Vietnam.