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Hive community is a good community I can recommend as a new user my reason for this is not just for the sake of getting a POB nor any other token but for some other important benefits one stands to gain by being a member of the community.


Some benefit you get to learn include.

  1. Educative post and comment from genius around the world.
  2. Timely information and news that is needed
  3. Motivational post and comment.
  4. POB and other token.

Despite all this wonderful advantages and benefit that one still get I still have big challenge with the community.


Being a shy person I don't really like asking people question. I mean typing and asking question in a general platform where people will all view and started looking at someone like a novice. I feel the community need to help provide a means of how to private chat and ask question rather than asking a question by posting in a general page where you may even hardly get someone to reply your post or comment.

Though generally I have gain alot ranging from price of crypto currencies, when to buy and when not to buy. Investing which is popularly regarded as delegation in this community and lot more across so many fields such as science and technology from stemgeek finances from leofinance sport news from sportstalk.


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Yes the problem you're having is due to the hive community isn't well designed for new people at all. This is a community for existing crypto people and thats a big problem. It's also a community for long form writers.. more like article writers which isn't relational to most people.

So the reason the big mainstream social media sites work is because they have all the functions you just mentioned. They have instant messengers.. dm's friend addons.. all the things that make normal social media users comfortable and what they feel to be necessities. I'm the ceo of i agree with your statements but is more designed to work like a traditional social media site.

Why is that? because we want the barrier of entry into crypto to be reduced. The other problem with these type projects is that the system is built primarily on money and influence which means if you don't select the proper conclave then your success rate here will not be good.

This is a huge problem it puts people in an unnatural state to kiss up to other people. This is why people with the most stake get the most interaction. It's not because their content is better. Often times it just people realize if they have those people in their corners they will do better by upvotes as such.

This takes away merit and participation. It is a terrible system and even the founders have admitted how horrible it is and they all left. The people remaining on these systems are not the original founders they are the opposite of all the ideologies that came with the original founders.

The reason we're here is because there is still something to be said about free transactional systems or close to free. There are blockchains on the horizon that are creating those spaces but haven't really launched yet thats the one thing that so far works for hive. it's not really free the stakeholders pretty much are creating the value to make it free but the idea is somewhat there we can create blockchains like that when we move money there is not this fee structure or atleast its under the hood which his more attractive.

I would firmly suggest you try out and teh autocuration system. The token is deflationary.. so it doesn't hold much value right now but i would advise try it out earn free as many as you can.. They get more scarce on transactions so one day there won't be many. So i think it solves many of the problems you're suggesting and it is as well a hive engine token. However your findings are right and i been saying it for years.

Now the reason they don't listen is because as i said earlier. The hive ecosystem is not really designed to grow or gain new users. it is a niche smaller market which is more concerned about maintaining its current user base. So new people coming in are not a priority.

So they more than likely aren't going to improve in those areas or make it better because they more concerned about stability. They are more concerned about if its going to collapse. That to me means the system has some flaws it needs to correct because it is probably one of the only systems who's main product is social media that fears growth and improvements in this area and i know exactly why they do. That is the problem. The conclusion is just try and maybe even just use bitcoin myk and you can still interact with hive but the applications are not for the mainstream and again if you're not already a knowledgable crypto person if you're not in the right conclave.. they going to give you all this bull about work hard and write hard and you'll be successful

They been singing that same baloney story for years now lol. it's just the same oligarchy. .plutocracy same people .. same writers and same circle jerks on the system it's always been lol.. Projects like bitcoin myk are designed to stop that. it's not really designed for existing crypto people .. because those people are already in systems like this. bitcoin myk is designed for people like you.. and the countless billion others that will come in this space with the same issues. So if you need any help we're more than happy to assist but i fear you're going to have some problems here in that regard.

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As a new user you might not be aware but you should only use relevant tags and not stick them all down in a wild money grab.

I second what abimbola said. There should be a way to directly get assistance when confused. I employ the admin to look into this.

Thank you

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If you use peakd (you can see this post on it here) there is a function called BeeChat, in the top right-hand panel. There you can message others directly. But honestly, most people typically chat on Discord. Each project, each tribe, each community has their own servers. I'm not a big fan of it, but if you have specific questions, it's the fastest way to get help.

Discord app and beechat (can be found on peakd) are great places to interact with other hivers and ask questions if you don't feel comfortable doing that in the public platform. This will really facilitate your growth here on hive. Best wishes

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For that reason people join discord servers. You may check the resent post I created and you may collaborate ith us if you want. You will find there the link to our discord server and if you have a discord account, you may find there so many people from hive who will be able to help you. ☺

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