Webflow showcase #1 - Southridge Cannabis Farm

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Hello Hivers,

How are you all during these crazy high market?

I'm here saying hi and wondering if you guys are still grinding on other stuff during this bull market. Probably hard to focus when #BTC literally been hitting ATH again and again... and again - I have been pretty excited about all the coins' prices but still keep learning what I want to become good at.

I have been asking a few friends here and there if anyone would love a site designed. Business sites, personal sites, e-commerce, or blogs. Here is one of a few designs I have been designing using Webflow these past few weeks.

This website, Southridge Cannabis, a small family-owned cannabis farm up in Northern California. Their cannabis reflects love, passion, integrity, patience, and drive in each and every bud. Craftsmanship and perfection is their goal so, might as well check them out!


FireShot Capture 037  Southridge Cannabis Farm  southridgecannabis.webflow.io.png

All feedback is of course welcome! <3

Stay sane during the bull run (wink)


Nice looking website

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Cool! Will have to see if I can find there products near by and let them know I saw them get a shout out here on hive! :) nice design btw

Cheers! :)

Im just looking closely at those thumbnails, is that the Humbolt seed company crew?

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For what I have been told, yes, that's the owner :)

Cool! I grew there Blueberry Muffin, and Vanilla Frosting.

Sounds tempting!