When the Group You support shows you none

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Last night I had some thoughts. Them thoughts I wanted to help with steem cannabis community. But in the end I am just down right tired getting no support from the cannabis community.

Last night was my final draw on that when I have tried my own thing. Tried to work with people and in the end NO support NoNE was given back.

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Sorry to hear that man. Did you share those thoughts somewhere?

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I find most support around here comes from other individuals like you and I. Make an impression on people, and provide quality content, and support happens. In a lot of cases you have to invest/buy/pay for support, or advertise for somebody (basically same thing). There are a few good independent curators for cannabis content around, but as I've shown, it's not possible to organically make a profit on this blockchain through content alone. Unless STEEM starts going up, week after week, month after month, and year after year, any investment or work you put in here will be reduced toward zero. It's a giant black hole of effort and money, pulling it all in and never letting any escape.

Yeah it is such a small community it is hard. You are quite right on the lack of knowledge from other people. Maybe we can change things with hive but not hope up.

thanks a lot for your support !!!
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You tried your own thing? When? You never mentioned anything to anybody. You wanted to work with the people? Where? How? Not seen or heard your input or propositions? You must be really unhappy with yourself in general, that's sad?

With this post you're showing lots of your frustration about your life and that's why to me your message is missing intelligence and empathy. Not sure you gonna attract the good folks to work with you "helping others"?!

What are you going on about? I tried to work with a few people and give ideas on things? IDK who you are or what but clearly you can move along.

How am I unhappy with my self for for throwing around Ideas and they all get show down? Nope just means who I thought had supported me clearly didn't.

You tried? You give ideas? You don't observe the folks around you?! You try to insult!? You give up easy?! You suppose?! - How are you happy?!

I how did I insult? I gave up easy? I have been at the steem thing a while. Tried many things with it and well it is what it is. Start fresh and try agian. How didn't I observe the people around me?

The issue with it is the small community I guess so takes more ideas to catch on. I will put my focus on other ideas.