One afternoon in the hill smoking weed. Entry to the #monomad contest. Series 1 - Eng/Esp

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Good afternoon everyone!! How are you? How are they? Today I want to enter the #monomad contest, it seemed to me a beautiful and original initiative to show our world in white, black and its beautiful range of grays.

On this first occasion I leave you a series of 10 photos in #blackandwhite of my own, taken with a Samgung Galaxy J7 2016. There I was in that beautiful hill in Laguna, Santa Catarina, Brazil, more precisely in Praia Molhes da Barra when I walked traveling as a backpacker.

That afternoon I remember that it was one of those days off that they gave us at the Hostel to be able to visit the place and have time for ourselves. I was working as a volunteer, for shelter and food, for 6 days a week for 6 hours a day doing the normal tasks of cleaning, breakfast, laundry, etc. And I was there for a month enjoying its beautiful carnival, beaches and all the "galley" that I met there.

This time I leave you a series of 10 photos of me having fun with the camera, making cute and some of the landscape that I enjoyed while I smoked a marijuana cigarette that they had given me the day before !! So I did not hesitate to go and enjoy my day off contemplating the landscape from that beautiful hill. Hope you like!

Buenas tardes a todos!! ¿Cómo se encuentran? Hoy quiero entrar al concurso #monomad, me pareció una linda y original iniciativa de mostrar nuestro mundo en blanco, negro y su bella gama de grises.

En esta primera ocasión les dejo una serie de 10 fotos en #blackandwhite de mi autoría, tomadas con un Samgung Galaxy J7 2016. Allí me encontraba en ese bellísimo morro en Laguna, Santa Catarina, Brasil, más precisamente en Praia Molhes da Barra cuando anduve viajando como mochilera.

Esa tarde recuerdo que era de esos días libres que nos daban en el Hostel para poder recorrer el lugar y tener tiempo para nosotros mismos. Yo estaba trabajando como voluntaria, por techo y comida, durante 6 días a la semana por 6 horas al día realizando las tareas normales de limpieza, desayuno, lavandería, etc. Y estuve allí un mes disfrutando de su hermoso carnaval, playas y toda la "galera" que conocí allí.

En esta oportunidad les dejo una serie de 10 fotos mías divirtiéndome con la cámara, haciendo monadas y algunas del paisaje del cual disfrutaba mientras me fumaba un cigarro de marihuana que me habían regalado el día anterior!! Asique no dudé en ir a disfrutar mi día libre contemplando el paisaje desde ese hermoso morro. Espero que les guste!











I hope you liked it, have an excellent afternoon!

Espero les hayan gustado, que tengan excelente tarde!




cool and nice view

Yes, an incredible place to enjoy it that way!! Strange in summer and the beach!!

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Thanks for the support!! Sorry I just found your comment!! Thank you very much in advance for your reblog and curation!! Have a great afternoon!! 😄

Hello @mimi05 and welcome to the black and white community.
Just a little remark though.. we are a photographic community, so it would be great if you could use a black and white image as your cover, instead of a GIF 🙂

Hello!! Oh yeah! You are right! She took that instead of my first photo, and I put it first because of that! I already modify it !! Thank you!!