Reclining Buddha plants about to produce medicinal flowers

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It's minus 20 degrees Celsius (really frickin' cold) here in Canada, but the heat's on, and the plants think it's summer! These 5 Reclining Buddha plants are just beginning their flowering cycle. Come have a look at their progress, and make sure you follow me on LBRY, Flote, and Hive!

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Ohh, very nice. "Monster" is at least 3 inches now LOL
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That's cold, eh! Keep those Girls close...keep 'em warm :)

The groundhog lied to us?! Yess keep those Girls away from the icy windows. #TLC :)

Your plants look good, I saw the video and your flower pots have enough space for the plants to continue growing, good for you.

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, even though I only have a small garden to work with, I manage to fit a few plants in here! But you're right, it's important not to overcrowd them. Airflow and light penetration are very important. Once the sexes are known (within a week or so) I might have to remove a male or two. If there are only 3 full-grown female plants here by harvest time, that will be okay with me. :)

Right on dude!

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I figured it was time for a video update! Glad you liked :)